Let's see those Priya pulls!


That’s not your pull, nice fake post


That just means they were suckered into 100 pulls, right?


Ya, 100 pulls less than 30 min into the new wheel… sad

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If it gets them off so be it.

Where did I get it!
How exactly do you fake a screenshot of a toon?

Oh I see, angry on how people choose to spend… imagine that.

A Priya pull is twice as valuable as any other Sclass pull due to her museum collection valuing her at 4k. Therefore if you pull 2 Priyas, you only need 2k collectables to S class, if you pull 2 of anyone else, you need 6k of collectables. That is a huge advantage for somebody who picks to pull for Priya over somebody who pulls for anyone else.

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I suggest when tapjoy offers the 2x rewards do the highest paid games and save the coins for a wheel like this.

Guns of Glory earned me 16k coin.
War and Magic earned me 10k

Both took no longer then 4-5 days and $10 each in speedups and resources to help the buildings along.

Guns of Glory reach lvl 14 gave me only 5.3k, and is the highest offer i ever found. Tapjoy sucks with the difference in prices for diferent countries.

Yes they definitely do, I was very surprised with mine I usually get only pay action offers and no game offers.
Was first time in over a year.
I’ve never got Final Fantasy or Lords mobile like many.
The videos I’ve been watching have been advertising Pirates of the Caribbean, I’m hoping it’s a big one they may offer soon, it’s very similar to WAM and GOG.

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