Let's see those leaderboard!

With notorious vs ap dominating the forums this weekend, the other regions have gone under the radar.
Any other interesting battles out there? Let’s see those leaderboard.

Because the other regions suck and have no balls . What notorious did was great and should be applauded by all . All these other supposedly top factions are just bully’s picking on the weaker people on their own regions


Not everyone. Some chase competition. Fkr moved to face mofos. But mofos then left. Tropos moved to face infamous.

Ummmm did any of this happen?

Cause Mofos are where they been, in Albert.

Is there a different Mofos?

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None of that happened nobody has what you all have

You’re saying mofos didn’t leave when fkr arrived? Because that’s exactly what happened.

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Them leaving was much deeper than you think, had nothing to do with war. When you leave your original region to get away from other players that go above and beyond the borders of a game to effect your RL, yeah 3 years of bs I assume is enough.

Mofos did leave Bullock after FKR came, never questions reasons said it was due to a long history. Never had a problem with mofos before they left and have had zero problems with FKR either so far as I’m concerned that’s business between them.

Who ■■■■■■■ cares though no ones trying to spend that type of money for pixels :joy:

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