Let's see them attack teams!

Let’s see the difference in power between ftp and ptp in one place. Post em here lol.

I’m ftp, can beat every single team though lol

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S11++ baby

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them poor weps reset them start over :wink:




Moved regions and started to struggle with Kapoor coming out. Used to have Andrea with absolute weapon as my shield, but realised that she didn’t really gain anything from Camilla as a shield so instead decided to go with Ajax with a stun gun - much more effective.
The S10+ team is pretty good against S class teams, even ones with 5 Sclass (as long as it’s not Raulito lead) due to Laopo, but my ratio has definitely got worse over the past few days. The S11 team is quicker but struggles more against toons that have important Active Skills.

Can’t seem to get James or Kapoor to fit into my attack teams. They just don’t work very well with my other toons.

Because I put James onto a team with my top toons, I’m now having to fight S12+s with an S10+ or S11 team.

My defence team doesn’t have any Sclass either and works very well in raids and war, but has been losing a bit more than it used to with the fast paced release of Sclass, still has a decent ratio though:

S10+ but since I unlocked S12+, there will be anything upto S12+ raiding it.

Still holding on with only 6 stars atm, but only just. Not long until I’m drowning.

One of them. S10++

Im gon say luck, league coins and more.

Also war wheel cause tobin was in it.

Michonne is also from a war wheel, december’s one

Does def 3 give out stun? I did it on smg and got bonus def :c

If you get lucky it’s a stun yeah

So I gotta get lucky? Damnit. What are chances of stun? So I can make a experimental strong weapon.

Better chance so around 30%

Grate attack team

And Im guessing 70% is the chance of getting the normal bonus def? Am I correct?

I think he meant 30% chance for stun to work when using it. I’d say it’s likely 10% or lower to actually get it.

What a ■■■■■■■ joke. I have a coin login with coins being drained on energy. So 10% to get a good def mod 90% to get shit. Plus to save myself from failure I would have to do that last. Cause if I get 150 first get a crit 120 stat and a failed 96 I’ll have to reset it. So what else does def have besides stun?

Came after almost one year and a half, should I just quit or continue playing?

Not sure what else it has. 4 star weapons wheel does have good stats now (stun on defence, attack, ap down when attacking, etc.)