Lets really get to know each other


Since everyone on the forums comes from different countries and backgrounds , lets get to know about what holidays you celebrate, and your cultural backgrounds. Everyone knows about the American lifestyle already, which is why I want to open up to learn about other types of cultures and people on the forums. Im eager to learn about everyone.

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Nobody created a thread like this before, so lets chime in. :slight_smile:



Hi, im from indonesia. I am a muslim. But in my country there are several religion, we respect each other. So the national holiday is based on all religion :slight_smile:

But no winter and summer holiday here :frowning: coz we only have 2 season!! Wkwk



Interesting :slight_smile: Nice to meet you too.

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I’m from the United States and I like reading, writing, listening to music, and learning more about science.

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I’m from Ga, USA. 2 kids, celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas with family :heart:️. Happily married. I like to read, take my dog for a walk, learning new things.



I’m Russian, ask away what are you interested in, I don’t actually know what to tell about holidays, one that we have and you don’t is probably The Victory Day on 9th of May. I enjoy being around my family, friends and gf included, scandinavian stuff, sword fighting and weapon overall, survivalism, sport(mostly BB and MMA, Gymnastics), economics, race anthropologie.



See you’ve hit the nail right on the head maybe we don’t all know about the American lifestyle already I’ve been there visited it met some lovely folks in my business I meet a lot of folks from the states but do we really know ?

I am from the Netherlands however live in Hungary where my wife is from we have a daughter I’m a Hotel Manager on a Cruise Ship , Love traveling , I am a hobby cook science is one of my main interests , Love biking (yes typically Dutch) , soccer , rugby ( half of my family is Kiwi) and most and for all love spending time with my Family good health and happiness is the best one can wish for




What an awesome job PSMike! Do you love it?



Sure do nothing beats travelling way of life :slight_smile: the world has so much to offer :smile:
It’s tough but the benifits outway all the negatives !

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I am a cockney (an Englishman born in London within the sounds of the bow bells)

But I live in Cyprus, London is nice but a bit nippy at wet, sun all the way lol.

In England we celebrate everything ones lf the worlds most diverse country we will take any excuse for a knees up (a drink) is taken. Chinese New Year is one of the biggest annual street festivals.

In Cyprus

There are 4 important thing in Cyprus Family, ciggerettes, alcohol and food

We have a day called Tsiknopempti (smoke Thursday)
Every house does a BBQ and the air is full of the smells of roasting pork and other meats in preperation for fasting.

Cyprus celebrates in a lot of ways before lent starts for easter we have a day called green Monday where you have a family day at the beach with sea food bbq’s

We fast during lent but we still eat lol just restrictions on what days you can’t eat certain things most poeple ignore this woops

Easter is a massive party fireworks and yes mor bbq usually a whole sheep or goat.

Christmas is the same as the uk really nothing too different except we have the best Christmas biscuits. Although all the soldiers on national service go to the sea and the bishop throws a cross in an all the soldiers swim to get it

Carnival and the flood festival are also fun times.

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