Let's make region wars great again


One of the biggest problems with dying regions is that wars are no more fun and the only fun is had with CRW. In order to make players fight harder in region wars, let’s make the prizes for the top spot great again - like giving legendary medals, dt, pk and an ascendable character as the top prize and variations for 2nd and 3rd.


spray paint! the least remembered of the weapon crafters. got dt and pk for days but sp. that makes a weapon.


The same team wins it every time. So nope keep them trash scopes. :+1:


They take great care of 1st - 3rd. The rewards are absolute crap. We used to get 5s toons for the top 3 war winners. Why not pass out ascendables as rewards? It would definitely revive the competitive juices in dead factions with the factions that are still active.


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