Let's keep upbeat

I know this game has had it’s up’s and down’s but lets keep in mind that the only real reason we are all still here(us long term players) is the people. And that is what keeps us here.


The people aren’t the only real reason everyone is still here. Otherwise everyone could just move to a different game with their friends or simply keep in touch with them through text or some other apps.

You guys just love the game lol it’s okay to admit this game has some great features that keep you guys hooked. War is still the best aspect of this game that I haven’t been able to find an equivalent to in any other mobile game I’ve tried since leaving RTS. No other game has given me an adrenaline rush like the kind I used to get from calling war orders in an intense, back-and-forth matchup.

Loving the game or parts of it while not loving the company behind it is perfectly justified.


Now a few days have passed since Bucketgate, the red mist has cleared, and I now login and look at the game objectively again, I can fully get behind the sentiments behind the OP.

I looked over my roster and thought yes I am looking forward to levelling you and you and you, I like arena’s, I like Survival road, there is lots of road maps to do, I enjoy helping my mates, at its heart this is a great product.

I like opening token wheels, and I have so many tokens at the moment, there seems to be a lot of them in the game right now, and that’s great thanks for adding them.

Am I a little board with the constant Raid, level up, cycle we are in ? Yes, I was truly Ropeable when hordes was cancelled and hope that, that decision was made with our best interests at heart.

Or perhaps I have just had to much Rum for Breakfast?


Too much Rum…dont do it…i havent played since the drug cartel was released…

I disagree. My faction mates are primarily what is keeping me here at this point. I have a couple other games that I keep playing just due to faction mates as well, and dozens that I gave up because I never managed to get a good group to team up with.

This won’t keep you around…

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