Lets just inbrace the end!

Well… Good job scopely, made a game we liked and blew it up with Priya’s mini bazooka!
I think we should just be happy with the time we had, i’d love if they fixed the game but i’m inbracing it!


In b4 thread lock :joy:

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Fuck the ■■■■■ employees


Its probably the people higher up, not the workers. Man, they will be out a job soon lol. Or atleast for rts


lmao let’s have some fun.



I can’t even go back on my account…yyyyyyees

Did you leave beta? If you did you have to wait untill the update that was tested goes live. If not… Run. Enjoy the freedom. Or contact support.

Idk if this is the end of RTS but in order for RTS to keep their player base happy they would have to satisfy both P2P players and F2P players. That may take a lot of time and resources but im sure it’s something they want to do.

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Of course its the end. No one except same morons will pay 3000$ for 1 toon and none who isn’t a moron will pull regular 6* that priya can 1 shot

And no one pulling, pulls the plug on this game

If scopely can put whales, who have S-Class priya, in a different region then f2p won’t have to go up against S-class Priya. So essentially it won’t affect f2p players.

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No ,actually I think they saved the game bro , can’t you see the bright side of this ?
Priya and upcoming s class toons are the solution to the current problems , only if scopley give all players a good chance to get them , and don’t created any s class shield or payback everything will be awesome

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They will once they milk the whales till the last drop. They gonna push out more absurd toons at equally absurd prices till at least one whales buys and then servers are closed. Ppl already bought S-class Priyas and maxed her out :joy:

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Some did, yeah. But being in a mostly whale fac i can tell you no one in my fac did. In fact i have never seen so few pulls on a friday morning


Lol, you must be new here…

All players indeed have a good chance to get her, provided they cough up 2500-3000$ for her

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By ppl i meant those mega whales who are addicted to gambling, the sad bit is Scamply preying on these folks’ addictions.

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Lmao while reading the forum this morning this is the exact song that has been in my head to see it posted is awesome, so true as well.

Gg everyone

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They are doing you a favor. Enjoy your weekend with family and friends

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