Lets Hear Some Ideas (Feedback Welcome)


I am currently running 4 training grounds and have max survivors (330) and nothing to do with them. There is nowhere I can use them and when I am doing stages I get a popup that says houses full. It would be a nice addition to have an option to turn these popups off that say houses full, material storage full, etc. Maybe we can get an option to sell survivors for food or materials, make a scavenger mission where survivors are required in some way sort of like a scouting mission where we don’t have to use toons, use the survivors to place on farms to speed up the rate of which that farm will generate food.

I mean that will give me something to do with the survivors in the meantime while all my training grounds are running, or just simply allow us to turn the popups off. You can also do something sort of the same for materials and food, something like a scouting mission where you do runs and trade materials and food with other groups (doesn’t have to be live, but could be).

Then maybe in return for doing runs and trading them food and materials you can get weapons in return in any rarity, or survivors they give you for giving them materials and food, or maybe get paid in coins for giving them food and materials, something like 20 coins or so for giving a certain amount of food and materials and of course add timers to wait for the outcome to see what you get in return for your deal. Of course then group you are trading with can betray you and kill your survivors and keep your food and materials.

I am just trying to come up with some ideas and would also like other people to share their ideas. Or just give us the option to turn these popups off, they aren’t that big of a deal but it is a little inconvenient but I can deal with it, it just gets annoying at times.


You aren’t stacking the training grounds if you have survivors to spare! Its not an issue if you keep adding them to the training pile?

Though another wood sink would be good. I have more grenades than I will ever use.


@Tully @Vorpal313 You guys must not get it. I have 4 training grounds running at level 20 and that takes 2 days to complete. I am currently down to 1 day 7 hours 26 minutes. I have 330 survivors, that is the max you can have when you have 3 houses (limit) at level 20 and 4 training grounds at level 20.


@R18_C4G3 did you know you can keep stacking them though? Its one of the basics of the game that allows people to have thousands of 2*s ready for level ups. I had one legendary training stacked to 50 days once to store survivors and food.

I currently run a 3 day stack of survivors training for 2*s and have over 5k sitting there waiting to redeem.


oh ok ok ok I see what you mean. Well I don’t want to do that. I want these training grounds to finish so I can go back to making 2* toons. Do you have anything to add for ideas or game suggestions?




not trolling, post flagged, add ideas and stay on topic please.


No its not cheating. Its one of the basics of the game.

Ok so your training ground has an active training session going, and you have enough food and survivors to do another, so you press the + button to add another. And another and another until you have used up your survivors. You can have an infinite amount of survivors being trained.

To stack you do not collect them, but leave them there. Use a different training ground and click on the next button to scroll to your active ground and you can press the + to add more trainers. By NOT clicking on that training geound your survivors are not collected and therefore stacked. I have had up to 15k 2*s sitting there waiting for a level up.


Thanks for this advice. I will do that next time. I overlooked this and didn’t think of that actually. I usually do 4 different training grounds at level 20 when I can limit it to training 4 at level 20 in 1 training ground. Then I can use the rest for 2* toons of different personas. Thanks again. I also said that I got it and I see what you mean, but you still explained it to me anyway. I guess it will be helpful for anyone else that didn’t know about doing that.


Ah you changed or deleted the post where you asked me to “explain it like I was 5”. Ergo my basic explanation.

No problem, glad I could make you understand playing the game how it was intended isn’t a cheat lol


I don’t mind the #ExplainLikeIm5 that I posted, but the rest was dumb when I knew what you meant. When you said stacking I didn’t know what you was talking about, but I do know what you are talking about. Thanks for pointing this out to me though. Care to add any more suggestions/ideas for the game?