Lets have Throwback wars

Lets dust off those 5* and once a month have a war where you can only use 5* or lower for attacking, defending and in towers. @kalishane, please bring this up to the developers. I think this could be a good thing to your faithful who have played 1-2 years and miss 5* warring like myself. Once a month whether it is a regular war, crw or blitz. How does that sound?


Thats a decent idea… kinda like that event where u had to have 5 peacekeepers etc… would def be interesting. Great suggestion.


Jup been sayin this myself would be awesome but the hive mind of scopley can’t even comprehend ya and our grade A suggestions!

This idea sucks complete arse!


Nope this ia the worst idea ever. Many ppl will stop playing!

This over blitz would be a swell idea…
Make it biweekly and you have me back as a custy!

Sounds like somebody ascended all his 5*. :rofl:


I love these ideas but half my roster is gone and I also don’t think I would like all the stun weapons Priya/Konrad etc…

only thing scopely is considering is how to try and get more money. ^%&

Our t1s approve of this idea. But 5 Star Wars were so much more expensive as everyone died so much faster maybe not the best idea for the wallets.

prya war you mean?

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my thought exactly. so make it 5* + Shiva, to stun her ass 2nd turn

I always thought certain war types would be good like a 1* only war

you could always make arrangements with friendly factions to only run 5* if you’re matched to each other

We had a similar conversation in my region, lots of people were interested in it.

I imagine this would be a great way for those falling behind in the 6* meta to compete again. Always sad to see a P13 hanging onto their glory days and running a war defence filled with Pryias and Hunters that get all but 1 shotted by my army of F2P 6*.

I was thinking this myself, but I would like to see Wars with not only 5* but 4* or 3* only with weapons of 3* or 2* only this would be a great war. I even thought of a name have it on Thursdays and call it Throwback Thursdays do it once or twice a month. Would be a great time. Could you imagine a 3* war with 2* weapons. We would all be scrambling to make upgraded 2* weapons. Rock on.