Lets have some beef

Since there is nothing interesting in the forum, lets have some beef, why not?
Pictures and description of your favorite beef appriciated.
Get it on!


Too bad vegans can’t enjoy
A good 10 oz medium rare jack Daniels honey glazed steak
Ah crus I madeyslef hungry now

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Sounds good.

Elk tenderloin, med rare, and sliced super thin. Salt, pepper, and garlic. It aint beef, its better.

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We grilled up 12 Porter houses this weekend. Salt, pepper, and a little bit of Irish butter right at the end. A big old dollop of horseradis On the side and that is Amazing.

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I like mine with garlic butter aswell, do you prefer normal salt or those bigger pieces of sea salt ?

Funny. Just had a burger last night. About to have one now.

I’m half vegetarian

So pescartarian

So a omnivore?



Half Vegetarian? Half…? Don’t wanna fool you, my GF lives Vegane too, but CP what is a half Vegetarian pls…?

That’s good stuff, now I’m jealous.

Gross food fact: The flesh of human beings is so similar to that of pigs that bacon made of humans would be almost indistinguishable from that made from pork. image

Would solve some problems, just saying.

Who’s your profile picture? He looks familiar

Tak Kovacs, altered carbon
Played by Will Yun Lee

That’s why it looked familiar.
I watched the first episode a few days back.
Such a cool premise for a show.

No, my mom is vegetarian so only food in my home is vegetarian, I am not forced to follow anything but that’s what there’s in my home. I probably eat meat once a month or when visiting my grandma, her on the contrary doesn’t believe a food is complete if it doesn’t have meat

Second season coming up tomorrow.