Lets do this again. Rewards suggestions


Beating a dead horse i know but lets do it again.

War rewards.

ascendable toon, 5* tokens, 6* gear

CRW rewards.

6* toon, 5* tokens, 6* gear

Solo tournaments

Current primer recruit

Faction tournaments

Older primer recruit.

Ok, i left out prizes below first place because even a child should be able to tier out rewads based on placing. Kalishane, beat the dead horse some more and take this thread to live ops. Hand them your phone and sit there while they read thru it. Explain that thier rewards and going to put all of you out of a job if this structure of tokens continues.


I would put 6* gear as milestone… Those who work for it get it, those who don’t will continue complaining anyway


After Scopely Logic many Accounts have the value of some Million Dollars…


Why even bother with suggestions at this point when you know they won’t listen to them…


Milestones should be 6star gear and trainers so even lower factions can get them.

Rank rewards: 1st 6star toon, 2-4 5star ascendable toon, 5-10 a future ascendable toon.

This way there will be a variety of 6 stars immediately and will be accessable to many factions


Scopely’s staff are laughing when reading this thread.



Rewards are fine. Milestones are a fairly recent addition to war, so overall i’d say war rewards are as good as they’ve ever been. I hit milestones, got a lilith, 2 benedicts and the ascendance tokens. Then got some gear and 5* token for the main prize. Can’t complain.