Lets do another " which 5* toon should be ascended" thread

these seven as well as ALL the shiva force toons…i added christa because she sucks so bad that she deserves 15 min of fame…make her the first revive all toon…lol…


i think armored shiva, safety behind bars rick and hershel and michonne, original morgan yellow, original tyreese yellow, and i think also kay

basically you are picking which character will be butchered next, suddenly picking favs is not seeming like a good idea. I picked Romanov before, big oof.


How do they butcher Christa? Just not give an AR? :rofl:


Darlene is so damn great. Had a great use of her on the last nightmare SR. Also, I like the alert Glenn Safety Behind The Bars. Since the game don’t have a alert version of Glenn he would be a Nice choice

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I picked Connor before, he turned out great :smiley: (At the time of his release and for a good while)


Yea a lot of gen1 legacies were pretty good to be fair


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Just instead of a rocket launcher it should be a tank


I gathered some data on this long ago.
People wanted Yellow decap Sawyer and the Shiva force characters the most.


ikr…shiva force will probably never be made complete 6 star…and i have all of them…multiples of most

most people forgot about rts4 blue michoone, and how op she was because she dropped right before ascendable toons premiered…she made double priya teams obsolete for me for about a week…she missed her glory…still has one of my favorite rushes of all time…

Seems as though most cards are staying the same these days. With that in mind, the three best choices would all be buffer toons:

Sr Zeke, Kate and Command Heath… Even if their cards stayed exactly the same, just with gen 2 stats, they would be tremendous help to the F2P.

Other choices that would really help right now… Shield Magna (the buff/debuff plus stun weapon is crazy) and obviously Priya would just be amazing as well.

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Command Heath and Command Glenn would be slightly redundant if Heath stayed the same.


Hmmmm. Perhaps. Still an upgrade though. Gen 2 stats with four turns of an extra 20 and 20. Maybe switch it to -85 defense and plus 85 defense. Would be a nice diego debuff going on there.

Skybound rick. And dual axe tyreese. And rocket abe. He gets to keep the rocket.

i forgot sky bound rick…i hate scrolling through my roster…1000 benedicts takes forever…lol

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These are the toons I would love to see be ascendables


How about instead of the rocket mounted on his shoulder, Abe is standing on the rocket like he’s surfing on it. That’d be totally sick bro lol


My top picks for legacys, as long as they dont get butchered like romanov