Lets discuss Moira

She seems like a good toon. I am wondering exactly what exhaust does and who I should pair her with. I’m thinking Focus Rick, hershel strong , miora, lacerator Shiva, and Either Beta or mike or green rick? Yeah that’s a lot of bleed. But she doesn’t fit in my soon to be priya team of winter Michonne, G.Rick, Kapoor and Christa and priya. And she could fit on my Carl tough, or Andrea SC teams. I’m getting disarm Michonne built up too. My Carl team has Zander, Charlie, Tobin, Joshua, and fast yumiko atm. Andreas team is Andrea, Christa, Michonne. Yumiko and Charlie. So Idk. I need to figure out a good formula and stick. Maybe I should make Camilla, Disarm Michonne, Miora, Andrea, and yumiko.? And what mods? Thanks for any help.

Exhaust basically does maim damage when non natural AP is gained (i.e. attacking and taking damage). So for every 10% AP gained, theyll take the amount of exhaust in maim.
So think doc and 250 exhaust, he gains 100% AP with his active. If hes effected by exhaust and uses his active, hell take 2500 maim damage. And it can kill


Woe. Okay. So she’s a decent toon. And would prolly do well on the lacerator Shiva team with strong Rick, hershel, and mike or beta. I hate running all one trait but hey. I need to get her and disarm Michonne ready. Thanks.

I forgot on my Carl team I exchanged Joshua with Ryker . sorry.

And if u have doc in a line with the 400 exhaust he could potentially maim himself 1600 each time u hit him bc 40% ap gain from syringes… elusive and focus are great too she is badass for sure

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I don’t think he can gain AP from his own weapon could be wrong though

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I’m so glad I got her. Good decision!

I’m trying her for those teams and see


Let me know how she works out with them. I’m trying these when she’s ready

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I’m working on her disarm Michonne and focus rick. I have all kinds of 6* but I haven’t even tried for laopo or anyone like that. Just priya. I’m only 300 away!

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For those who have Raulito, Moira was a incredible piece for bleed formation thanks to her 3 turns bleed rush. Her exhaust can work fine against toons with AP gain on AS like Michelle, Regina, Pete, Dr Stevens or others with AP gain when striked like Cameron Scarr or Zander to name a few. Not to mention the chance of use stun on attack skill for green weapons.

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She seems tailor-made for turtling strategies. She’s probably a bit faster than all single-toon damage dealers (Regina, fast Shiva…), which might take the strategy from high-level SR to wars. Even comes with an AP denial active and can hold a stun Lucille.

Something like Eric lead, Douglas, Moira, Bluechonne (?), Magna.

Heavy control along all angles (Impair, Stun, Taunt, Confuse, AP down, Elusive) means you should be able to keep the opponent from rushing for a long time, possibly forever. And without rushes, Magna can survive a long time behind Eric, especially when Douglas helps out with extra heal. Probably not fast enough to finish within the raid timer (haven’t been able to try it yet), but might work in war.

I’ll pass and save the tokens for when they finally put something concerning S Class since that’s all that matters now

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Ill save and have enough to buy other toons. In 11 weeks I ought to come out glowing by next toon. Plus some. I still have 8k left and I bought Miora and zander. Plus there’s always gonna be a next toon. So I try to grab the good ones. Wouldn’t waste on Stephanie so I saved a lot up. This didn’t hurt me either way but may end up helping me. I bought Rosita too. Just bc of those guns. Lol. And she looks tough. May grab Bruce and Carl too. I have fast yumiko and winter Michonne who both confuse. So he wasn’t top priority. But still. He was a war toon. What I’m saying is there’s plenty of league coins to go around in 11 weeks. I’m happy with her. Truth be told I may not have bought zander if I knew I would draw disarm Michonne in the same week. But he has command and I played him and enjoyed him. So no big loss. :slight_smile:

Laopo’s exhaust

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Ah I see. Never had a exhaust toon this should be interesting.

I’m levelling her up rn, since she only needs leagues gear that’s a breeze atm, so will try her soon

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Same. I’m looking forward to trying her out, but I’ll probably keep her at max 5* while I wait for an ascend 5 mission.

Just a word for the wise, Moiras exhaust comes from her rush. If you think she is a Doc Stevens counter, you might be mistaken. His AP gain fires round 1 and has a maximum of 1 use. So for Moira to be able to affect it, you need to control him and prevent him using his AS until you can get Moira to rush. If you can effectively control him that long, you probably don’t need her as a counter.

I appreciate that his default weapon also makes exhaust useful for damaging his team mates who are gaining 40% AP, but it probably isn’t effective for his active skill.


Gonna play around with this