Let's discuss 40 Lucilles

So the compensation given for the glitched hordes and the fact that Scopely are taking away the 2nd hordes is 40 Lucilles.

The amount of Lucilles avaliable for collection from hordes was 100. Now because many have done the Maths, due to the fact that hordes was towards the end of the pathways event, most were relying on those 100 to ensure completion and had set up their totals so it would work out (I attacked and fled so often as I had real life commitments yesterday to reach my 132, but I was only able to do that because of hording horde energy, many others hadn’t done this).

Now I was insistant with my faction that we needed to complete the lowest faction milestones because, whilst 5 bandages/Lucilles and 15 masks doesn’t seem like a lot, because the total leaves you short of the 300 of each, 5 is the equivalent of 50 of another item that you would need to use on a roadmap, 15 is the equivalent 125 of another item you need to use on another road map.

So 40 being 60 short of what players would probably have received is the equivalent of 500 of other items that need to be used in other roadmaps to make up the shortfall. 500 of an item can be used for 7 completions and 45 left over to gain at worst bag/crate pulls possible, 1050 Benedicts and 1230 Burts. Of course that also requires the crossbones, but many will now be sitting on 7 crossbones.

I don’t think many people realise how much of an impact being 60 short of what was expected makes. Above is your answer.


I’m personally happy that I got the 40. Will be able to get another 150 Benedicts :slight_smile:


40 leaves many short though. The compensation should have been 100. People have put a lot of time into the event and now they won’t receive what they had worked out they would, doing what they needed to do to complete it. It’s been a massive waste of time for a lot of people and nobody could have possibly known this since they left hordes until the very end.

I do not say this for me, I will complete it all (minus last 2 faction missions for each) as long as they don’t take away the daily roadmaps, I say this for the masses that will now be short a crossbone.


I just hope we have another 5 daily roadmaps. No info given anywhere even if question has been asked multiple times.


I’m seriously contemplating forgoing a completion to get 6 more masks extra over the next 2 days as I don’t trust Scopely to run them until the last day.

It doesn’t make sense. They denied a lot of people the opportunity to get 70, so you gave them all 40 to say sorry. That speaks volumes about their thought process. Someone clearly thought “well we don’t want to give those who do complete Hordes too many extra”.

Personally, I smashed Hordes. Good cards from the outset and saved cans and I was able to hit 160k and do all 32 battles. The 40 extra Lucilles has helped because I can now run a handful of Act 1 Stage 3’s over the next few days to make up the shortfall without burning too many that could be spent on crates.

One thing with the OP maths, remember than there were always 20 less bandages on offer than Lucilles and Masks (230 vs 250) - even if you maxed every milestone. That means it would only be possible to get Piper for free if you completed every milestone for Lucilles and Masks and got at least 150 from the Bandages.

With the final faction milestones for Masks and Lucilles being nigh on impossible, everyone would always be coming up short of 300 of anything and therefore (having 3 crossbones from 3 maps and 3 crossbones from getting 200 of things) need to supplement it from other sources to get the final crossbones.


Yes I’m taking that into account. You need to use 500 extra on top of what you were going to use before now to get those missing 60 Lucilles.

I understand that. I personally got the 100 from Walker Hordes so it didn’t really affect me. Though it is a very bad situation for many, especially since they cancelled the next Hordes.

Did I not answer this question for you? The time the event ends is posted.

(EDIT: removed error)

I know Scopely has form for screwing things up, but the information can reasonably be inferred from what has been confirmed.

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Same here. Sucks though. If we have 5 more roadmaps will get to do 2 more supreme bags. If not would use 25 lucilles to get 3 bandages and do 2 but lose out on 6 white bags

I know you did. But you know who we’re dealing with and how many times they screw up. A simple reply from one of the forum managers would help people in my situation plan better

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You think the forum managers even know? :laughing: :rofl::joy::joy::rofl:

You’re right :joy:

I messed up at the beginning. Did the mask roadmap A1S3 and A2 without using a crossbone. I currently have 6 bones. Need 6 masks to finish Alpha roadmap (hopefully), and 10 more bandages to get the 300 bone.

If we dont havr 5roadmaps need to swap 25lucilles for 3bandages. And thats why Im concerned about how many roadmaps we get

Honestly its not bad, considering they usually dont give shit, and if u did all missions, which was doable with cans u should have saved every week, u could also get piper

I only bought cans from the leagues store because I do (or rather, did before yesterday) enjoy Hordes and have over 700k leagues tokens. I’m sure in hindsight many people would have done the same had they known, but as they say “hindsight is a wonderful thing”. If you didn’t have the cans (and I think I went from 21 down to 8 excluding the three compensation) you were screwed unless you opened your wallet.

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Sorry @Kanaima I missed that post, what day is the final day for the roadmaps? You said there would be 25 above but there are 28 days, does that mean the last 3 days won’t run roadmaps?

Event ends July 31st at 11am PST, so we should have five more maps (Starting today, then 27th, 28th, 29th and 30th which ends on 31st).

I don’t have the exact number of maps to hand, so there may have be 28 - I though I had it calculated as 25 but I transferred a few days in so maybe there were a few before.

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Ok thank you

I see the 40 as a compensation for the miscalculated milestones for territory battles which were pretty much unobtainable. This was right to give it to everyone.

As for the walker horde mess up that’s a different story :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s a good way of looking at it. But that means there should still be a 100 Lucille compensation for the walker hordes fiasco.