Let's compare characters to their comic counterparts


What I basically mean is:
Who has an AR that fits the personality of the character? for example: Gregory’s "Selfish Heal."
If not, what AR would fit them?
Do their assigned personas actually fit them?
Like how all Ricks have the leader persona
If not, what would the best persona for them?


6 Star Negan has “Demoralizing Attack” which fits nicely with his attack strategies.

And Shieldschonnes ‘Disarmament’ amused me considering her walker friends she ‘disarmed’.


I really feel like Aaron should’ve been a drop leader, I mean, he was a scout.

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Special treat! The GOAT vs SHIVA!!!



What’s up with you and goats lately lol


I like the goat pics. Funny as hell lol.


It is, but he’s posted a lot lately. Maybe he’s a goat himself.


Dunno. I was just bored. I’ve been laughing my arse off all afternoon though.

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Check out The GOAT vs SHIVA

This is SAVAGE!



If not it’s definitely a Goat fetish :joy:


When I was watching last week’s episode I was thinking: Well, they got Jesus 'A Larger World’s attack correct! lol