Hey, hru guys? Where are you from?

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Indian territory

Im ok, its a beautiful day actually. Tho i just got some bills from school :sob:

California, USA

In Illinois, it’s raining and dull today. Bright side is that it’s fall and the leaves are changing and it’s beautiful.

You can have our sun if you let us take the rain :grin:

Germany :slight_smile:

Here in Brazil the sun is shinning but I’m inside a room working :frowning:

Kentucky and we need rain too

OK, Oklahoma and it feels like we are 3 inches from the sun. Supposed to cool down tomorrow and hopefully rain.

Omg yes, take it! It’s all yours!

India :slight_smile:

43ºC yesterday lol

Brazil has tropical weather, it is always warm even in the winter

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Eastern Europe, Romania… Yesterday was a gorgeous day, like 25 Celsius, which is alot for October, but like you, I was stuck inside, at work. And to top it all, it also was my birthday yesterday.
So all in all… a bit disappointing for me. :sweat_smile:

Türkiye, istanbul