Let's brainstorm! But does it work?


So, there are some issues with coming up with ideas to make the game better. First off it seems like this is the part of the forums the people of Scopely never visit, we always see responses in General forum posts more than anything. Also people in the old forums and this new one have said some of the same stuff for so long and it seems like A: No one at Scopley REALLY cares about implementing our ideas and B: If they did care we get the same answer of “Oh great idea I pass it along” yet it seems like it NEVER gets passed along because A: We never get any updates on that idea and B: The same stuff has been suggested for MONTHS . I know that there are a lot of things I would like to see: more story missions (its been over a year since the last update to it) more achievements (with so many new features another goal to reach would keep people engaged) more Territory events (we’ve had ONLY ONE SINCE launch) an update to build more stuff in Woodbury (we have had a blocked off space and its been like this SINCE LAUNCH) maybe some new buildings, GOLDEN RADIOS(for the love of god where are the golden radios)’. All these ideas are great, but it seems like all the game is now event after event where you can only win good stuff if you spent a ton of money on the game, that’s not fair to everyone else, I realize that it’s a free to play the game and all but it seems like the people who pay to play are the only ones being catered to then this game is gonna lose a lot of its audience. Whats the point in playing if I know I’m gonna have a horrible experience and the only way I can do anything is if I shell out a few hundred dollars a month for this game? I’m sorry but I’m not the US mint and a Nigerian Prince, I don’t have one thousand dollars just laying around to send on a game every month. The ideas being given are good (at least most of them) but if we never get any updates on whether our suggestions are being taken seriously, and nothing is done to breathe life into the game when so many think its dying then whats the point? This thread then becomes pointless because the game will continue to reward those that pay and punish those that don’t. So I ask you: What is the point of this thread? Do you think our ideas ever get anywhere? What ideas have you suggested in the past that you want to see? Let me know if you agree/disagree what this topic.



I feel like tournaments should each focus on a certain aspect of the game. For instance, Wars should Yield characters 6*-5* (cause there are good 5* still that lower factions could use to perform better in War), level up rewards should be gear for level up (massive amount of trainers, rare/ultra/epic gear, ascendence tokens based on placement of solo or faction), raids should all focus on weapon upgrade materials that CANNOT be crafted, SR should be a mish/mosh of everything above (trainers/gear/weapon crafting items, tokens). I also feel like the 1* and 2weapon drops need to disappear completely and increase the amount of 3 and 4*. Let’s be honest, that crap jams up our inventory. Of course, this is my opinion, so I am sure many will disagree.



No, I agree 1* and 2* weapons should go lol I hate them because they cant be as modified as the higher weapons. Maybe a 5* weapons should be implemented now that we have 6* characters