Lets be honest about dying regions


Whales are the real reason regions die. Spending tons of cash to have a great advantage over other players,finally making people give up only to rule over noone. Money well spent I guess.

Scopley tries to help but honestly they are out to make a buck so I dont blame them at all. Sorry dead regions but you did it to yourself.

Region mergers make it happen already

Whales pay for the game to begin with. There wouldn’t be f2p games without whales.

So, you are in so far correct as one can say that birth is the ultimate reason for death.


Think there’s many reasons.

Think top factions always want to get stronger and use lower factions to do it and keep stronger.

Therefore slowly choking the region.

It’s bound to happen with people who like winning and control…those who tend to be at the top…
Not much Scopley can do…well adjusting rewards structure is a good way but we know hoe others fell about that.

So now there has to be a plan made for dying regions…
Sure there working on something.


Take solace in the fact that in a few years every last penny they spend on the game will be lost and gone forever. Try and make some friends there are a lot of good people in the game. Just do your thing and enjoy the game for what it is.


I respectfully disagree.

F2P have every equal opportunity to compete with whales. Just look at the top factions across CRW. There’s always a good mix of P13s with P10s and in terms of scoring P10s score just as well as the P13s. From my experience, these P10s are just as passionate if not more and have an equal or greater understanding of game design/mechanics/meta.

The real reason for dying region is natural attrition and how much effort/resources are allotted to promote user base loyalty instead of straight up revenue push. And Scopely is only interested in revenue and it shows.


I also disagree. If that was true, it’d just be whales left when regions die. Decatur has seen retirees accross the spectrum. If anything I would say the percentage of whales has dropped, but that is possibly because many P11 and P12 aren’t spending any more


Disagree… what are top factions supposed to do when people retire or stop playing? Leave spots open? It’s the natural progress of the game. People get bored and there’s no new blood.


True. But our greed in dominating is what makes a region unwelcoming to newer players. If factions were to split up taking on a few lower players it might make them want to hang around and promote region growth. Diversity is interesting… status quo is boring and what truly kills.


Just depressed because my region is starting to die and I enjoy this game but not enough to start over.


No, players leave over time as with every game regardless of whales or not.

No, Scopely does not try to help. They have taken 2 actions in a total of 2.5 years and called each a failure meanwhile population in regions continue to decline.

How about not blaming players, and hold the developers accountable for a lack of strategy.


Define growth?

No one new is coming. They redirect all new players to their latest regions only. As such, there is only 1 direction for things to go.


Ok. R.I.P. then.


Scoring and lasting in play (since you are talking about wars) is not the same thing. Whales keep on war going with constant coining (cause frankly every defense is crap) so those p10 (“almost f2p”) are just buttfishes. Bigger purse wins competition cause this game is only eternal “black friday” tournament. So yes - spending is killing the game and people that actually want to play it, but obviously can’t.


Regions are dying cause the game is dying and people are realising this and moving on to better things. Simple.


One of the biggest reasons we’ve had people say they are done is the game demands you to grind way too much to be successful and without satisfaction e.g fun for the amount of time put in. There’s grinding on a game and then there’s making it feel like a second job.


I respectfully disagree.

The paid version of this product exists by design and is voluntary. When you get to the highest competition event aka CRW of course whales will have an advantage in a specific timeframe and are essentially “buying” into the top prizes like they do with premier recruit wheel. However, when it comes down to time commitment, consistency and skill level p2w can close the gap that way.

Consider my own faction - we are #1 on our own server and have taken first place in CRW before and our top 10 scorers in any war would have an equal showing of whales/f2p. In fact, our top f2p during the old meta was one of the first to figure out going solo-rocket Abe to cap towers and was top 3 for early CRWs. Of course, they would have had to watch a lot of vids for free coins to do some critical repairs during important match-ups.

In summary, to say that big purse always win is an understatement - it simply means you have never taken the hard grind for the win and that’s understandable. To be clear, CRW prizes are terrible these days and should absolutely be directly compared to premier wheel toons - don’t go chasing for first place wins if you aren’t ready to spend US$300+ for the promo ascendable … this is how this digital product go and access of content through “events” aka campaigns (like ads for McDonald $1 coffee) is not free. Hence “free-mum”.


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