Lets Argue: Revive Needs To Be Nerfed

Revive being the most powerful ability in the game reduces the incentive of purchasing recruits with different kind of abilities. You NEED to have a decapitator on your team just to win raids against ALL top-tier teams.


Need to be reduced to one a team.
Maybe unless it’s a active skill.

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I think a better solution would be to increase the AP cost. For example, Lydia should have a 106+ AP cost.

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Could not agree more. The chain revive teams have destroyed the game. It has been said on several different threads.

Some suggestions:
One revive per team
Revive penalty, such as revived character cannot rush right away. Has to build AR from zero. If you are dead, how can you store AR?

The way it is now, their is no death penalty. A character actually comes back stronger. Is absolutely ridiculous.

In addition to the raiding, it has negative effects on war. We are in a battle right now. Evenly ranked factions. We own all towers and all enemy camps destroyed, except one. The one camp has scored zero points, but is running a chain revive/shield team and no one can brake em. How is that interesting game play? Even with all towers no one should be invincible.

I’ve seen more of that this war. One or two invincible teams in general position and bunch of lower teams hiding behind them. They score zero points but just drag the match out.


I commented about this years ago.
Should have made ticket costs mean something in events.

But Scopley is run by business men…
Business men that would do well at company’s like Coca Cola, Nike, Kellogg’s etc…
But there Bussiness men in the business of computer games…and what they have learned at university doesn’t work with games.
There not gamers…

There short sighted,
Looking at profits on a weekly scale trying to keep investors happy.
But you need a long term goal for the game to build members, profits etc…

They keep trying to fix mistakes with other features that also become mistakes in a big cycle just for a quick buck…
And it’s killing the game…if they actually focused on making a good game…with rules they could still earn the profits…even more so long term.

But it would take time and profits may drop in short term and they can’t have that.

They have backed themselves into a corner…raising stats wont sell toons…
More people have shields now…it’s getting messy and time consuming now.


Gonna be even worse with the new buff revives come out. F2p will quit.


Been beat to death think most agree that ap should be reset to 0 on death or wait til next turn for action. Limiting characters would never happen and these changes never will either.


The phrase “let’s argue” implies that there is actually an argument to be made against it, but there is none here; the revive mechanic in this game is asinine.

I’m pretty sure that players from both ends of the spending spectrum are sick of the current meta. f2ps from the standpoint of only having 2 decaps (if they’re “lucky”) to counter it, both of whom are 1st generation and no longer cut it. And whales from the standpoint of stagnation.
One of the positives about being a whale is you have so many toons at your disposal that you can come up with lots of different clever combinations to outfox opponents. But what’s the point now? The biggest dilemma they have is whether to stick 4 revives behind a shield, or 3 revives behind 2. The creativity I used to see at the top of the leaderboard back in the 5* days would make your head spin, but now it’s cookie cutter.

I made a post a while back about how and where balance should be implemented, but like everything else it was a waste of time. Scopely don’t do “tweaks”. Tweaks are generally only done by companies who actually care about their game. But when all you care about is profits, you find what works (aka what sells) and you milk it until it dies. They’ve made too much money - and continue to do so - on revive toons to stop pumping them out or to make any retroactive fixes (and it ups the sales of all the promo decaps too, so win-win).

It’s laughable when you consider a mechanic like Guardian II is restricted to one use per turn, otherwise it would be “OP”, yet it’s perfectly fine and balanced to go from one toon on the brink of death to having all 5 toons back, with double their starting HP and a 75% def buff. Doubly laughable when you consider a toon like Holly who essentially provides 4x Guardian shields for 2 turns if her rush goes off. Oh, on top of reviving, of course.


Retroactive balancing is not unheard of, but can you imagine the meltdown ptw players would have if they nerfed their precious super teams?

You are right, though. Any sort of revive/shield team balance would only help ftp to mild spenders, so will never happen. Just have to remember that this is more a money making platform skinned behind a “game”.

Apply the formula: If it makes money then do it, if it does not make money then do nothing.

I don’t use a decap, it’s not necessary


It’s not necessary if you have a wide range of promo disarm toons and really strong mods. Even then most times things need to go perfectly. One stun against the stun mod or constant ap draining will get you caught in the loop.


Exactly, decap isnt really necessary if you have a good team. Ive seen camila teams take down revive teams in two turns.

He said Camilla teams lol


Didn’t know camilla was f2p? Also didn’t know disarm was widely available too?


Sure. If you use all the ars before… but like I said… that’s assuming you don’t get any toons stunned or any toons that don’t get their ao drained. I can beat those teams in three without Camilla. Problem is mods.

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No toon should ever be nerfed ever. If someone pays for a product they should get it as advertised and it should remain as advertised. Bait and switch is illegal


It should be like this always. Also, why not give more access to decaps? Even p2p doesn’t have that much access.


I don’t mind to play against multiple revive teams. But we f2p need a disarm. Even a 5* one will make me happy.

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I agree and disagree many games release characters/weapons and tweak them to make them more balanced if they are clearly overpowered.


I never said that she was f2p. I was saying that you dont NEED decap to win raids against top tier teams.