Let us use characters not just collect them

Unfortunately, this game is becoming a sticker album.

While collecting new characters may be satisfying, from my point of view the true focus of the game is gradually being lost: using characters instead of collecting them.

What’s the point of having new S-Class characters to complete the Survival Roads? I can pass SR easily with 6* psg.
Do I need S-Class Aarav to pass road maps?
Do I need S-Class Princessa to defeat walkers in all the “collect things” events?

Looking at the calendar of events of the recent past and the next few days there is no reason to have better characters or teams enhanced and calibrated with weapons, mods etc …
The only place where they still make sense is in the assaults but the matches (I am a medium level player) are always with the same players or with always the same team-layout (Kapoor + Christa/James + revive + some old 6*) and for sure I don’t need Daiyu to face them

Give us more motivations please; give us the opportunity to face opponents… give us wars, team events, “something” in which we can find an use for our characters.
Not just all this “collect things to have a new figure for your sticker album”!

[sorry for mistyping, English is not my language]


Es muy entendible ya que desde los niveles mas bajos empiezas con personajes deplorables a medida de que vajas subiendo se te dara la oportunidad de conseguir poco a poco mas personajes bueno sabiendolos de nivel pero va a eso vas obteniendo mas personajes para mejoras esos personajes al final eso solo eso no digo que no estoy de acuerdo solo digo que es como la fundición de vital importancia del juego sin personajes que nesecitas no eres nada comparado con gente que juega a 24h todos los dias para sentirse superior bueno creo que me pase un poco pero es eso

Perdon si sono muy pesado lo de el final

Just ignore s class. Keep playing with 6* if that’s what you want to do. The game is relying on peer pressure to get us spending on toons to « keep up ».

It doesn’t take a genius to work that one out.


it’s actually a blast to play 6* only. I dread the day when it’s no longer possible, will be hard to have fun in a fair match if you’re used to winning from a huge disadvantage.

the post was about Scopely’s strategy about gaming experience.

I can’t see any sense in pushing people to have S-class toons in a game in which you don’t plan an use for them in events where gamers can face human opponents (and it should be 90% of what you do in the game in my opinion, not just a secondary aspect)

No wars, no useful rewards from assaults…

Yes!! I have kapoor and christa but I don’t use either one for atk or def… My attack team is slow but i can beat teams with 3 or 4 sclass… It’s more about control for me and finding toons that mesh well and compliment each other with the right mods and lots of ap down

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Think more of an arms race.

If you want to be in the front pack, you need to spend on performance enhancement.

If you don’t want to grind or spend, your roster will quickly be irrelevant.
That’s not peer pressure.
S-Class are x2-3 more powerful. There’s a reason people don’t use 4stars anymore

I always felt games like this should have events for different grades.

A 3* only event with a 4* reward. 4* only event with 5* rewards. 5* only events with ascendable rewards. 6* events with S class shard events.

Would keep things fresh.


No, that’s not a good idea at all.

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Thank You, great point.

Currently that’s about one of the biggest concern I have with the Game at the moment. If you’re F2P, which I’m currently it takes quite some time to get time to get anything worthwhile and if that happens you already have something better by a high chance. That’s also another reason why I really like and defend Abel as the Season 9 Toon. If I get him in about 2 Weeks, I have to ascend him, though after that I can instandly use him. As a S-Class I would need to ascend 2 of him and collect 10k Collectibles.

Arms race? Wtf? We’re shooting pixels not building nuclear deterrents.

If anyone wants to be at the front of the pack, they may not have much else going on in their life. Not everyone does because we have more balance and real lives to be getting on with and view the game asa way to pass the time.

So for anyone viewing it as an arms race aka d ck waving and obviously taking the whole thing way too seriously, you keep conforming to the pressure. I’m going to sit back and not bow to peer pressure from the likes of you.

Looks like you and I will be sitting out.

Shame about all the other schmucks who can’t help themselves on each pre-war premiere toon.

This is why I hate every request for more free S class

I begin to think that Scopely’s strategy at this point is “if you want to have fun on the game spend more, get S-class, reach top players… or enjoy Survival Roads”

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