Let us transfer! Between region events but transfer button not available



I know its messing me up too


Can you guys not read threads on the forum? There was a mess up and scopely cancelled them for awhile nobody can transfer. NOT JUST YOU


Umm obviously you are not up with it either, people left after rewards came out just before sr started. Scopely shut transfers down for a little over 24 hours, but that was a 2 days ago? Whenever Garrett was released to inboxes is when transfers were opened again, it just so happened faction events popped up & as long as you are in a faction during faction events you cannot leave. If you are factionless you are free to transfer about.


This was after the 2 faction events had ended. Not to do with the original shut down. Some of us were very eager to leave and could care less about collecting the rewards.


If you are in a faction, you cannot transfer during a faction event. That time frame is from the moment the event begins, till after the rewards are received.


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