Let us reset mods

It’s been said before…but lousy rng when leveling mods is very discouraging. Any chance of a reset process?

Pretty sure they said mods are a fixed result so resetting won’t give you a different outcome. I think that’s why they can give/sell perfect mods, they have a set outcome.


The mods are set to be whatever the outcome is. It isn’t really RNG based, it’s gonna have the same result each and every time.


True, but a bit misleading. As I understand it, it’s like a scratch-off ticket, the results are fixed per ticket but still random across tickets. Putting the opaque coating back on the ticket and rubbing it off again will not change anything.

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Thanks everyone, i had not heard this. Frankly, if true, it’s quite annoying.

Yeah JB said a while back they created it this way and they won’t be putting in a reset function like on weapons.

Hmm. Leads me to wonder about every rng in this game…

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