Let us make work gloves & wrinkled shirts at the workshop

We have an abundance of materials and a need for basic 1* gear every time a level up tourney rolls around. Why not actually put these materials and the workshop to good use by making these items available for crafting? Ngl it’s pretty tedious farming early stages with my whopping 60 energy. It takes forever and I’d rather use my energy on stages with better item drops.


Preach it! I HATE farming for gloves and shirts


You shouldn’t complain about farming. Scopely gives us all an opportunity to prepare for level ups by giving us this chance to get extra of what we need. Who cares if it’s at a snails pace, that’s just for balance. I suppose you want them to just give you every thing you need at a reasonable rate :confused: darn complainers

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-says the person complaining about complainers.

Gtfo if you don’t like the post. This is a suggestion in the suggestion part of the forum.

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Stop complaining about complaining :wink:

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Lack of shirts and gloves is a ridiculous issue that has been around forever.