Let us boot faction members during Faction Assault mission



I just started a Faction Assault mission for a newbie faction I run. The problem is that I cannot boot inactive members till we complete the mission or we retreat.

I realize allowing us to boot faction members while in a Faction Assault mission could cause trouble with points, so I see why you locked the faction.

But maybe you could still allow us to boot member that have scored 0 damage?

This would help low level factions because it might take a week or more to complete a mission.



Please no.


I don’t think it would change much of anything. The leader can already boot people right before starting the mission. So I don’t see the difference of booting someone once it has started and their damage is 0.

Once someone has scored damage I agree it is different and they shouldn’t be able to be booted.

But who wants a faction lock for a week while low level people try to grind through a mission? Not I.


Ppl could exploit it ans kick ppl right after taking their tickets. I my opinion pretty fair.


As a leader you make that choice AFTER the event.

They locked members in because too many times members would be persuaded away to a higher faction or people would exploits systems for more points.

As a leader make sure you recruit active people and build teams based on activity. Not strength.


You can already do that exploit and kick people right before starting it and take their tickets.


I’m not sure how people leaving would be an issue. You get their tickets and whatever damage they did. Your other faction members will score in higher tiers and get better rewards.

Ps. I am requesting this change because I have a few super newbie factions that I run. (Newb meaning team grade C, not the slur for shitty player) It’s a lot different than running a faction for active people.

Every day we get a new noob and every day I kick an inactive noob. A few people actually stick with the game and I usually recommend them to a more active fac when they are ready.


If you have 0 damage or 0 tickets you should be booted. you aren’t even contributing. why should you get assault markers over someone that is causing damage and gaining tickets?


I guess because of that?


Some bad factions out there I guess.


Has anyone that wants to boot actually played a mission?


Again, this is outside of Assault. But many moons ago players would go to another faction during raid events and burn cans in the new faction. Or i’d have a higher ranked faction steal a member DURING war.

So having the game unlock that feature would have disastrous results.


Well it turns out Faction members are able to leave during the mission, but they cannot be removed by a leader.