Let us all face it!

Scopley is doing a better job lately.
Not perfect but better than 4 months ago.
So I would like to say congratulations scopley. This aren’t very good but at least we see some good changes .
So I want give my feedback on things that should be updated along side with the current situation.
And I fully understand that you have to get some money from players to keep the game rolling.

1- gears : yeah first thing should be the gears . Cause almost 99% of players are running low on gears . I do understand you know that and you don’t want to change it for the moment so you can sell some gears .
From my point of view it’s totally ok , just don’t make this period going more than it should be.

2- wheels : yes you did some updates but I want to say your updates was like #######

3- Road maps :
a- XP Road map : I think this Road map should give a variable amount of XP based on player lvl , for example a player at lvl 100+ should get 10k xp for each stage , a player at lvl 110+ — 12k xp …

 B- Rescue Road map: this map should be a map to help players get toon and survivors for lvl up , so this map should drop at least 500%+ survivors from other and should drop lets say trainers bag once in whil3

3 - gear map : this one should drop 10-30 1/2* gears /stage 

4- prices of bags in store : 800 coins for 500 legendary medals ? … I think you should review your prices

5- league store : we all know this season was a f##### disappointment , some guys have +200k league ţokens and they don’t want any toons in the store
So a better update to the store next season would be great
Here is some suggestion:
Bags with a good amount of items collections for an S class would be great
An exclusive S class league toon
Weapoooooons yeah some special weapons would be great

6- daily ads video limit: we need more than 30 videos or 50

7- war wheel : where the f##### is this wheel

8- Hordes, AOW we need more of these two , I want to face my Region in a war it’s been a very long time and big changes since the last AOW and I want to know where my faction should be in leaderboard for an AOW event


Or just a 5* ascendable S-Class toon that we already have in the game like pryia or heygen


But how do they make money from less customers?

Lol so what have they exactly done that’s good :joy::joy::joy:


Hopefully they put gear in level ups along with crafting stuff. Maybe some six star collectible items.

They have a long way to go before I’d say they were doing better. The communication, which should be the easiest thing to fix, is still sub standard. The various bits of gameplay are buggy. Arenas has been badly implemented. Most things are still unachievable through grind alone

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Only good f2p players in right bucket got zhu so theres that. Kidding ofc

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Lol - yeah I was in the wrong bucket so I didn’t benefit from the free light beacons that they randomly handed out without a single word of explanation. They are doing well on that promise about communication.

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I can’t let this go sorry @TouraIMG_3253


Sergio, Zhu, that thing in league store, Romanov where’s the goodIMG_3251


Doing a good job lately hahaha can some one show me where please


Hahahahhaha class!

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Just got Morgan from 5* wheel.

Ever since that venturebeat article they haven’t said shit. Not trynna bring up old news but they aint bringing up shit.


This is awk I got 3.6 million silver ascendance tokens, and 3k gold ascendance tokens.

Lol @ thath thing in the leagues store. She looks like the human version of grimace. A useless purple lump

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Scope doing a good job, you’re definitely on heavy drugs

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Errrmm you said they were doing a good job, didn’t list 1 example to support that statement but listed 8 things they need to improve on.
Any examples of a job well done?

I think they want to close this game and are on a safer legal basis if they drive active players down to a minimum before doing so. In the meantime, they have no problem with more and more expensive stuff being purchased by players who can afford it. Tell me I’m wrong…lol