Let them go to their regions

close the transfer of regions. or transfer all strong fractions to one region. Let them measure wallets. freedom ftp !!!




If this happened and we are gonna be honest here, most whales would quit. Lots like notorious or ap or others really do look and want comp but most want to stomp and if they get out spent they will likely quit, want to move regions, etc. If we are still being honest, most whales play this as this is luck based, rng, gambling and if you spend enough and get the good stuff and get lucky in a fight like war or raids with your mods working or weapons working then you win.

This isnt based much on skill, yes you need to know what decap does, how mods work and what mods do what, what lead skills to use for a team and the team to put behind them such as you use a carl lead for defense not an abe, etc but beyond that this isnt about skill, you cant really get good like in other games, command and conquer, rainbow six, H1Z1, lots of games that you need to have quick reflexes, listening for enemies, know when to shoot, when to move, when to reload, call out to your team, etc but not in twd rts

If all the whales or spenders were forced to one region, notorious and ap (as far as i know) would win and lots of factions would rage they arnt number 1 anymore, they would have to try harder and spend more to keep up and cant stomp anymore, they will likely quit


Nah that ain’t how it works, you can’t use logical statements to combat these kinds of posts that’s no fair

Well we already are kinda getting this, how it will work, if it will work and how long it will be for remains to be known but JB said something about like a battlegrounds region every fac transfers to and gets amazing rewards for this event and a lot of whales are smacking their lips and their fingers are sweating, ready to auto and tap, tap, tap the screen at the thought of this

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Most whales couldn’t handle having to compete against other whales. It’s why they move in the first place. They seek out easy prey because it makes them feel powerfull in their otherwise powerless world ( with a few rare exceptions ).

Heard talk about this battlegrounds thing. I say put up insane rewards and let them all transfer over to there to duke it out. If they have the stones.

Let the battle of the wallets commence. The thing is once they enter they should never be allowed to leave if the rewards are in fact exceptional.


I’ll get my ass kicked and come in last if we get better rewards than the f2p regions. Problem is, f2p want to play f2p and want the same rewards as a proposed whale region.

I just don’t understand the logic that whales should be forced to play against whales. Guess what, in ANY format, there will be a last place faction that gets stomped. When we got paired against notorious, we took our beating and moved on.


Well if lets say rank 30 in this battle region gets better rewards than a normal rank 1 then hell yea im down to get beat up by notorious, ap, etc but i doubt it will be that

Im for putting in work to have your rank/place/rewards, i personally dont care for a special one time or perm region with better rewards and want f2p to be handed everything on a silver platter, always will be a top, my fac gets bitched at constantly cause we come in rank 1 in events in my region, right now crw we are between 4 and 5 and have been beat by number 1 which has 0 losses and we take it and move on

Idk what youre even on about really as that didnt have anything to do with what i posted really

I said most whales want easy factions to stomp on for 1st place rewards and most whale facs would actually be upset in a region against other whales as someone who maybe gets rank 1 is now getting rank 20, if the rewards of that rank 20 arnt better than rank 1 of them stomping low level or f2p facs they will rage/be upset


Most whales would be upset in a region together because they will get lower rewards than in the current system. So instead of them spreading out and each getting first or second… they would get 1-20? That doesn’t make sense. Of course most whales wouldn’t want that.

That’s my only reason for wanting to go, super region would have to have even better rewards for the people who get smoked since those will be the mega spenders. I think it would only be that way once though so other jobbers wouldn’t get the same idea. Show up get smoked take away a better prize then in normal region

You kinda just repeated what i wrote lol


And i would think the keys would have to be bought like normal also, i mean if i got a free key to go to a region, get rank 10, 20, 30, whatever and get better rewards than getting rank 1 then im ready, lets go!

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Lol sorry. Long war weekend :joy::joy::joy:


Been up since 1am and its 12pm almost now, i feel ya lol

Its a seasonal region coming in march. Its been pinned. It was supposed to be upduring crw but they scrapped it. Those who want to try transfer there battle it out & then go home after. Its not going to be a real region.

Чет я тоже помню про улучшеные награды.

Are we sure it was for war?

I didn’t see details aside from the recommendation to not transfer leading up to it.

It was originally set for feb 15

Yes but I would assume they would give 24-48hrs to transfer in ahead of any event.

Don’t get me wrong. I want a battlegrounds. Once a quarter would be great for dik measuring.

It was rescheduled to march