Let’s try to get him in

So as we all know JB recently left scopely so considering how Shawn,naya,nik and Sergio are based on workers at scopely I think we should add JB to the game

Just throwing in it out there


Would his ar be “take it to the team” and after he uses it he disappears from your roster for weeks at a time?


Have he’s active as working as intended



His Ar should be JB Jabs which would 500% damage to one toon that toon gets stun for five turns

and active would be Revive one teammate , heal 50% to all allies and recover all penalties

Jb seemed to play favourites with his super-secret line chats, so I think a modified version of doc that only ever boosts one team member. The same one over and over again.


He ain’t super secretive I use to chat with him on discord once you get to know him he’s great to be around from what gathered

No doubt I used to PM him on Line all the time and he always responded wasnt a VIP thing at all he just tried to do his job

Active Skill: Half Bake
Turn 1
Burns all enemies for 1000 damage for 3 turns

JB will be missed

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That’s why we should try to get him in as a way to honour him

in the rush its 1k damage but its half baked so only does 500

will be nerfed to 250 after complains

His card better have him wearing a Tin Foil Hat, with a Active Skill of “Half Baked” :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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