Let’s talk about raiding


I used to like raiding. It was great fun. Could I beat them? Which toons would they have? Who should I kill first?

My rep and team grade s8 and rep hovering at 6,500) now means I get paired against impossible to beat p2p teams full of double shield triple revivers. I can’t beat that as a f2p player and have now reached the stage where I don’t try very hard at all.

My other half has just started playing in my faction. He started on Sunday because he was fed up of hearing me get frustrated that we couldn’t get to 8 to enjoy war. He has burnt through his three reward raid cans and has already scored a whopping 434 with his little A grade team and a rep of 1,200 (but he does have an excellent teacher :wink: )

He is currently ranked 208th in what is supposed to be an active region not allowing transfers in or out. I think the problem is, as someone else said, is that not all 6* toons are created equal.

My freebie eventually charging up to heal Rosita is not the same as someone else’s revive Erica or immediately shielding hunter etc.

So either team grades or team cost or restricting mods/weapons if they are kick ass special toons with super powers or something else should be looked at again so raiding can be more realistic and maybe a bit more fun again.

Plus, why do I only seem to be paired against about 5 other players?


they should nerf all healers and revive


Either pay or get over it. Nothing else is going to happen. Someone spent money and you didnt. Raiding has been this way forever.


Do you have Kate?


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