Let’s start a debate

Hello forums, let’s start a debate in the comments. Apple iOS or Android OS, comment reasons for your choice.

Inb4 flamewar

Why can’t we all just get along?

Because Apple still make horrible phones.

Apple bc refund was easy on iOs

@DeadBreakfast speaks the truth!
Apple Maps is as helpful as Scopely customer support, Android has the actually useful Google Maps. Also, the Apple mascot is literally an apple, at least Android has a mascot relevant to the fact that it’s a mobile operating system.

As an iOS owner for over 7 years, I can confirm that Apple maps are worthless.

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Eh you can just download google maps on iOS. I don’t understand the fascination with maps lol


Apple, not even close. So much easier to use and never have had a single virus, unlike 5 of my last 6 Android work phones (and no I’m not watching porn on my work phone)


You must be doing something wrong, I’ve had Android for 6-7 years and never a single virus.

Team windows phone!

Android camera be like