Let’s settle this: RTS Icons

Should be working now! So, who is the biggest RTS icon?

  • Miraboobs
  • Andrea
  • Gator
  • Gerald
  • Priya

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It won’t let me choose

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Idk! Edit and try again!

It works!! Lol

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Yay :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:

This is my favorite poll lol

if we are talking the comics, I have no idea how in hell u don’t have michonne in that list!!!

if we are talking the tv series, daryl and carol should be on the list.

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Biggest, you ask?

Behold, GodzillAndrea!


RTS Icons my friend.

Hacks. Hehe :stuck_out_tongue:

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My vote is for Sandy, despite not being on the list :frowning:

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Holy scat, it’s Megandrea! Run for your lives!-- No, wait, that means bigger… Stuff~


Look, Miraboobs practically gets her tits out, so therefore clearly wins.

Close thread.


You think she’s bland?

I dunno, I thought she was a pretty experienced fighter.

One might even say…



How is Jesus not on this list?

Gator and Boobs have been so close this whole time!

Poor Gerald :frowning:

LMAO. You know who I voted for. It wasn’t Gator.