Let’s see those t4 6*’s


I figure after the bickering and compaining, let’s brag and show off our t4 6*’s. Everyone likes to boast… yeah?


I wasn’t able to T4 a single 6* from the Screwdriver event, plus I don’t buy from VK so I wasn’t prepared for the Cross Region War like some factions were.


Damn, you must be a spender…


Moderate spender, just spent a TON of time farming screedrivers. Enough for 7 10k pulls :slight_smile:


@Brospino is a crate guy


Brag threads are silly and make you look silly.


You just forgot the CRW prize for 1st faction … don’t search lies or something else…


I wasn’t able to t3 because of 4 radios and 0 watches :joy:


Yes, @Asgard is right. War rewards helped to get me over the hump for the second t4. Sorry for the omission @lolaskates :confounded:


Was just wanting to find other topics than the rewards from this weekend and was hoping to see other’s t4 toons. :man_shrugging:


I like it. Grats dude! People are just mad they don’t have T4s. Hehe. Wish I had one! I know exactly who my first may be! Abe! :smiley: