Let’s NOT have Power Creep 2.0 Please


Just look at Faction Duels and you’ll see how we have finally gotten to a point where strategy matters when attacking and setting up a defense. Figuring out the right combo of Characters, Weapons, lead skill, etc …
Gone are the days of Turn 2 or even Turn One Attack teams!

Now, even some of the very best raiders are taking 5+ rounds to win a battle.
And it’s ONLY possible because Scopely hasn’t released a bunch of 45AP toons … YET.

But how long will it last this time? Let’s face it, the Power creep was literally all your fault, because you couldn’t resist the temptation to capitalize on faster and more powerful rushers, despite what it was doing to the meta and the game.

Once things truly reached a boiling point, Scopely hit the reset button and gave us 6* Legendary toons. But here’s the thing to keep in mind: You lost so many players doing so. For the ones that remain, most don’t trust or respect the company, since you instantly devalued everything we had spent our hard-earned money on.

So will history repeat itself? I sincerely hope not, as I’m finally starting to enjoy the game again. But if you go down that road again, and start pumping out nonstop 45AP Premiere Recruits Just to drain every last drop of cash from our wallets, it will mark the end of RTS. Of this, I am certain.

Please think about it. I don’t believe the game can survive another reboot. The player-base is still trying to recover from the first one.
Thanks for reading :slightly_smiling_face:


I have a turn 2 attack team, its still possible even with the slower ar :wink:


Lol I assume you are referring to the Dwight/ Alpha combo, which I use as well. It’s good if you have the perfect setup and weapons but not really viable for Wars against top factions IMO …

But anyways, you know what I’m talking about. Players are using different setups and combos for once, and that’s so refreshing to see.


I’m actually not as I missed out on Alpha twice but I’m glad to hear that the theory behind it works in practice with Alpha.

Maybe next time she comes around…

Don’t want to ruin the fun for everyone but feel free to inbox me to discuss further :slight_smile:


Still using my turn 2 5* team with 1 6* Shiva. Works against windowless S5’s. People don’t realize that Erika led teams don’t necessarily 1-shot a 5*, and the damage they do deal charges AR turn 1.


Scopely not bombarding us with a million new Premiere Recruits might actually free up some time for them to, ya know, develop the rest of the game? Lol

Imagine if they released a whole new armory update with new and cool mods for us to craft?
Or if they finished the town, finally?
Expanded and further developed the Territory concept?
Extended the world map?


Sorry but I miss the old days toons dont have to be 45 ap because all we need is 56 ap six stars or 58 ap with a 8% blade in the mix for turn two rush.


Please god no. That removes all strategy from the game.



I’m dreading the day the go to 56AR.

That will be the beginning of the end and make the move to 6* purely profit aimed.


Already at 58 now… it won’t be long.

Then come the 6* shields lmao


I disagree defense teams are already struggling with all the high ap cost to give any rightful pay back to the attacker. People simply have way too much and increasingly to much power (incoming Bruce) to make good standing defenses between active skills like stun , impair, and confuse people can legit take down any strategy to be had and then we are still coupled by weapons and other great specialist skills. So yes I miss those days not saying I want the power creep back but to the rest I do miss.


1st turn rush teams still exist, it just needs 1 5* and if that 5* is Priya… you’re good to go

I retired my 1st turn team because it was a first turn rush, not first turn wipe like the old days :wink:


Let’s hope we get a decent legendary roadmap firstt… Lul