Let’s go back to better times


Remember the event for telltale season 3? Where all we had to do was complete a daily roadmap and level characters for a free game changing 5* or a pretty damn good 4* and a free weapon. That was when scopely was semi charitable. That event sticks out in my mind. Why? Because it was fairly easy and extremely beneficial to participate in even if you fell short you still got Eleanor, who is arguably one of the best 4* or Tripp who was the best healer in the game for months. Back then I don’t think you could find a ranged team without seeing Tripp.


I started playing after these two were released but I gotta say, they gave me a lot of trouble for a very long time. I honestly thought Eleanor was a 5* for a very long time. I see these two in Mirabelle teams even now. Some really great characters there.


This is the last event I really enjoyed. Hold the line gave me shit 2* items, shiva force gave me 2 karlsons (although getting ezekiel made it a lil better), and the gear event and a new threat were total borefests for me. And yeah, tripp was really great (for an event toon) before 6* popped in the picture.


You can’t compare tripp to dwight 6*. C’mon now


Yeah, this event was Awesome and
it brought me Tripp, my first 5* :blush:


I loved the Choose Your Side event as well.


Choose your side was the best. Free toon if you did all the roadmaps. Easy and simple.

But now… Everyone has the same team, same characters.

Hell, even Maggie commando is on the Premier pool. Repetitive events and characters… Well "/


Love/hate relationship with some praised past events. Choose Your Side, Tripp, Zeke. Simple, clear cut, and generous for the most part but too hand holdy, too easy, and far too casual to be 30 days worth of effort. They might as well have just sent Tripp or Zeke to 98% our inboxes and save us 30 days of what was thumb twiddling for the majority of it. Most of the active player base ends up with a 30 days worth of energy toon that has no exclusivity to it. I appreciate every one of those toons, I still use them today, but I damn well say just about every time that the event was way longer than it needed to be for what I got.

Unpopular opinion, but Dwight was done right, NOT WELL, but right. The milestones, the disparity between the value of vests and wire, the red can collection… (nuff said), and the disappointing communication. All valid criticisms, but what was done right was that it wasn’t easy and 90% aren’t walking away from him. It was much fairer than Negan but still challenging. He feels like a REAL 30 day prize. It wasn’t carried out well and yes, I’m biased to be less critical of it since I was successful in obtaining him, but it’s one of the best in terms of reward for effort. Because if you get Dwight by the end of this event you fucking earned him.

I’m not blind to the problems with it (see above), we haven’t seen (or know) what possible end collections there might be but for the most part it’s Dwight or nothing. And that’s a problem that the other events didn’t have. There was a runner up prize. If Tripp was out of your reach for whatever reason you end up with Eleanor. You’ll get 4* Zeke if you come up short shiva claws. Chose Your Side, you’ve got two limited edition 4*s to hold onto if you can’t achieve the demands. This misses that. Don’t say the rifle or the weapon crates are runner up prizes they don’t use vests or wire. The parts weren’t connected to any of the vest or wire roadmaps either. They were practically a seperate event running alongside that just shared a common theme.

It overall had a lot of low points but what was achieved, probably unintentionally, was an event that actually feels like you’ve won something special. Like I said done right, challenging and rewarding something that actually feels exclusive but not executed well enough or in the fairest way.


This is the pay to win era now, but yeah I miss story missions. Has XP I could be using.


Well, you don’t get 6* Dwight. You get 5* Dwight from the event. So you could compare Tripp with the 5* Dwight. :wink:

If you have all the medals and if you have all the required gear and if you have eight 5* for ascension fodder and if you make it to maxing out the 5* dwight, then you’ll be able to get the 6* Dwight though. :laughing:


No one is rushing you to upgrade him. And his 5* is better than tripp


I agree no one said here’s a free toon. It’s something you have to earn, some assume that because it’s an event you automatically get the prize. I busted tail for those stupid red plastic pieces ( and didn’t get what I wanted) and I too thought it was 6 weeks. But my hope was for as many pulls as possible so I used tons of salvage tokens and found the quickest way to farm. During these events I didn’t hope that road maps would provide everything and in turn I’ll have extras. I don’t rely only on ygl scavenger I prep tons of 2* to clear objectives and work on getting toons at best possible levels for if and when ygl appears. I always assume that if it’s offered I need to try and get it. No not everyone could hit every milestone and these 2 mil milestones are basically unachievable but I still do the best every event and like menotioned felt I actually won something that some didn’t have and I definitely earned it. I Warred a lot for crates and basic tokens farmed daily and kept training grounds non stop. Which reminds me I need to farm turkeys :slight_smile: hope for those who celebrate had a great thanksgiving


You forget Tripp was released about a year ago (if not longer) and before the power creep really ramped up.

Dwight is post power creep


Tripp was released April or May this year.


The prizes are ALMOST irrelevant. Just increase the number of chances. I don’t understand this current “event”. There are really bad rewards on the wheel and we had 3 pulls?? Pick one please Scopely. Either make the wheel fantastic with guaranteed useful rewards but very few pulls OR lots of pulls with some bad rewards in the wheel. Not sure of the logic of having both. Made the “event” a non-event.


I’m fine with events being difficult, that said, something needs to be said upfront that this event will require more effort then just the roadmaps or raiding as was largely the case for past events. What they really need to do is send out a message at the start detailing what items are required, the dates they will be available, and how they can be earned along with the amounts you can earn from each venue. At least that way people can plan a little as to where and when to use their resources rather then constantly being in a panic that these are the very last of the pieces and I have to hit ridiculous milestones to finish them or all my previous work has been wasted.


Agreed. A New Threat has been a hot mess. The way it’s looking it might not turn out THAT bad for most but the frenzy and panic before we got to the end could have been avoided with better information. The most troublesome thing has been the guessing and the not knowing. I’ll argue that the opportunities for the remaining vests and wires (after the roadmap) were fair enough (but not 100% fair) but I won’t deny that the way they were pushed out was a cheap shot. Through the, however many days it’s been, the Dwight parts sat at zero until the most recent weeks. Had the level ups with high milestones for both parts been spreadout and launched in a more predictable or informed manner instead of tagged on at the end back to back it would have been executed well.


Considering power creep and the release of 6* it might as well be last year.


I liked that Dwight was tough to get, but parts on the level up milestones made him unobtainable for any newer player. That’s the part that is most unfair in my opinion. Have those on raids, early SR levels or war. Or lower the milestones on levels so they are achievable with hard work, not resources that are not available to newer players. And I got him, so this isn’t sour grapes. Been playing since nearly day one.