Let’s give us info about tmr faction SR+LV


Like the exact time prize and duration


Nothing on vk yet



Fac SR


Fac sr


Looks like a do enough to get eggs in milestones and that’s it situation for me. Prizes are terrible.


Have to agree with you on that. Outside of eggs nothing else is worth it. Autopilot for weekend as usual if there’s no war. And well no war next weekend so I’ll be doing the same next weekend as well. Job well done… Not


Sr time?


Around 6 PM (PST).


Thank you


Great got to waste 500k for eggs and a stinking flak. Awesome, lol.

Real tired of seeing the daily gear as the rewards for the first three tiers. They need to come up with something better. For example:

100k 3 star trainer, 5k gear markers
200k 4 star trainer, 10k, gear markers
500k tripod, dummy
750k sheath, gauntlet
1.25m hand crank radio and watch
2.00m one of the bandoleers, holsters. gauntlet. or masks on rotation

The bottom row for current events or item and 5-star tokens.
Alternate the 500k and 750k each event to be fair.


Presumably everyone has blue balls for the LU after a week off so 500 over 2.5 days is barely active lol


Any info on SR duration?


2 days 15hrs


I would say add ascension tokes at 500k:
500k 1k
750k 5k
1.25 10k
2m 25k
Bet alot more ppl would go to the higher milestones…that would keep ppl lvln and happy, somewhat. Lol
@kalishane just a :bulb: