Let’s fix the pulls, Let’s save Scopely

I’m light of the ignorance towards the player base I propose an idea to fix the pulls and increase the revenue for scooely while delivering a better experience to the players.

Nintendo is a huge company that loves to make money but also loves its players. When they released fire emblem heros every character pull had the odds listed.

5⭐️ Focus characters 3.5% (these are there characters of the week the specialty ones)

5⭐️ Regular characters 3.5% (this is your chance to pull any exsisting 5 Star)

4⭐️ Characters ~40%

3⭐️ Characters ~50%

Then every time you make a pull they increase your odds of getting a five star by ~5% each time you pull anything else then a five star eventually guaranteeing that you pull a five star.

Nintendo has never hidden these odds and reward players for making pulls which leads to more players paying to do them. They also handout free orbs to entice players to make pulls.

Scopely is so one sided they can’t see that they’re killing this game off in an act of short term greed. If they implemented a system similar to that of Nintendo’s they’ll be racking in money anytime some new starts playing or when they release a new premier. Until then scopely is just digging a deeper hole.

Plenty of people will disagree with me, and that’s fine but this is just my opinion on how to both fix the broken machine that is premier pulls and keep the player base alive.

@kalishane any input on this?

Have a great day everyone!

Now watch as this gets taken down immediately since @Andrea_Scopely is on a deletion war path.


Being honest about the chances of getting what you pay for would go a long, long, long way. Never gonna happen because I would bet just about anything that its more like .1% for a 5 star, .9% for a 4 star, and 99% for a 3 star in twd.


I’ve replied before on this, but you are absolutely right, i’ve Played many mobile games, Nintendo’s Fire Emblem Hero’s is the only other mobile game that doesn’t feel like you have to pay to stay competitive. However I have spent more money there than I have in any other game.

Their pull system is by far the best, they:

introduce 3 or 4 “focus” characters at a time. And they are usually available for a week.

You can do pulls in groups of 5 at a time, within a group the first one costing the most orbs (similar to TWDRTS coins) the second open within. The group cost less, and the 3rd is less that that, and so on.

If you go through the group of 5 pulls without getting a 5 star then your odds go up.

The very first pull you do on a new set of characters is completely free.

The amount of orbs they make easily obtainable for free gives you many chances and it is likely to get at least one 5 star character per week.

That isn’t the only thing they do right,but feel like it is the most important.

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Actually their system works by increasing your odds of a 5 star by .5% each pull that isn’t a 5 star. Then it resets. I think your guaranteed one every 400 pills but since the odds keep increasing I think the most I had to pull to get one was 50 pulls.

Scopley don’t need saving.

The game does…but not sure that’s what they want,…