Let’s all lower defenses

Considering the gameplay is retarded af, let’s make it less shitty by lowering our defenses and letting others hit milestones. I already put trainers as defense :+1:t2:


Done :grinning::grinning:

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Socialism intensifies

If players unite in a common cause that’s socialism? Lol

How about faction support toons you obviously never paid for? A commie?

r/whooosh .

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seeing how bad hordes is with s class, and crap rewards that follows it after much effort. i concur

No, then the crybabies asking for hordes will never learn

Try telling that to anyone in my d3 league noone has dropped so I’m just not playing it

RN it’s general diamond

I’ve just stopped playing its not worth the frustration for more day of the dead tokens for burts or bronze mod bit I wonder what cards or what strategy the people are using that have like 80k

done :+1:

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