Let IUGO run the game, please!


The guys at IUGO seem passionate about their game, just like us players are. They have knowledge and are willing to help us out, because they actually want to.

They play the game at a high level and understand the player’s needs and being designers puts them in the unique position of being able to make the game great again.

Could, theoretically, Scopely let IUGO take over for 6 months to find out if they run it better? I’m willing to bet that they would. I’ll go one step further and bet that the profits will increase. Plus, Scopely can take some stress off their staff so they can work on dice and card games (clearly their forte).


Depends what you think is worse, endless bugs or endless money grab. Neither are doing the best job keeping players happy, although Iugo have done a better PR job on this forum


Hmmmm good point. I think I’ll take the bugs though, at least they can be fixed.


Behind on character development (supposedly), war broken for months, buggy new features, introducing bugs to old features. I’d prefer a third option :grinning::grinning::grinning:


Lol! I hear ya

Though I’m thinking at least two of those are actually Scopely problems.


Can someone explain who IUGO is and what they have to do with this game?


They’re the software guys


I think Scopely has a problem pretty much like this:

They are low on programmers and art design. But they indrotuced 6*. So they need more money to Get more people to do these 6* a Lot faster.

In the other hand we have players that aren’t spending because we Don’t have 6*.

So pretty much Scopely created a monster with 6*. Well, at least this is my theory ‘-’


Scopely and IUGO are one team split in half.

I would guess the reason it’s easier for IUGO to be here is because most of the vitriol is directed at Scopely in particular. I’m not saying it’s easy – but IUGO is not the center of attention. This is probably most likely due to this always being branded as a Scopely forum and the faces you do see are always from the Scopely side up until now.

We might as well all be working in the same building – but we’re in separate countries – and IUGO works on other games just like us.

When I worked at Turtle Rock we were in a similar situation – accept all the anger was directed at 2K. I was the CM of Turtle Rock which had all the aspects of IUGO and Scopely – minus marketing. 2K had a CM that I worked with and the marketing team but all Liveops, Design, Engineering, Balance, etc. was done at TRS.

This was a bit easier for me as a CM because everyone on the team was within a hallway of me so I could get answers a bit easier and I was familiar with what every person did during the day.

This is why things I say are vague, I don’t always have answers, and I’m not entirely sure how every aspect of mobile works just yet. Not an excuse, just sharing the differences depending on team structure.


Thanks for chiming in, it does help to see it from an insider perspective.

Won’t talk about vitriol here as there are plenty of other threads for that lol

So…is it possible that IUGO could take control of decision making? I’m not sure how that works, just asking. But from what you’re saying, I gather they don’t have the resources :(:expressionless:


Iugo = programming and framework; contractor

Scopely = monetization , promotion and day2day operations; boss


Me = losing hope


You’re welcome.

lol yes thank you haha.

IUGO and Scopely work together to make decisions. Communication can be difficult being so far away – but we’re working on improving things across the board.

And yes, neither of us has enough resources to take over 100% since we’re split in half.

I am very thankful IUGO has volunteered to be on the forums – in time, i’d like to get more Scopeleans here – but I don’t blame them for being weary in the least.

It took a while for me to get all the devs I had at TRS on the forums after all the frustrations at launch.


IUGO seem very helpful when bugs are reported. I commented yesterday and got a reply within minutes. I just wish support were as helpful.


With IUGO they do the programming so they should know everything and if not, just look it up.

Support is contracted so all they have is a script with no technical knowledge.


They are! We just can’t expect them to always reply as they also have a lot on their plates.

I appreciate you all for treating them kindly. :slight_smile:


I’m sorry, but if they are too weary or afraid of criticism and negative feedback from their customer base, then that speaks volumes that they are fully aware they haven’t created a satisfactory product.




You don’t have to apologize, but I believe weary in this case means being fatigued from all the constant hate. It’s not constructive criticism, it’s just attacks and endless complaining. I’m not on Scopely’s side or anything but when I come here and see that it’s 90% the same threads with nothing helpful, I just nope out of here as none of it is appealing to me at all.


Bingo! Why are they so scared to stand beside their work and explain why the game is in the shape it’s in? Iugo gets treated the way they do bc they haven’t ignored the players for 2 yrs, treated them like expendable assets and seem like extremely dedicated to the players instead of just monetary side of it. Sorry but if they are scared of being criticized on a forum, the real world is a lot worse and a lot more vicious than anything anyone could say here.