Less than 24 hour Raid?!?!

Seriously the calendar shows the raid being two days but it ends before it’ll be around 24 hours. All the milestones are still the same as it is for a two day event. Do you guys not see this as a problem and being ridiculous? Why make us feel it’ll be a two day event just to screw us? @kalishane would love to know why it was done like this.


All the calendar indicates is that the event starts on one day and finishes on anther day according to an undisclosed timezone.

You dont have to participate


Usually Any other time it’s a 24 hour event it only shows one day/the day it starts. All the 24 hour events last week only showed one day on the calendar.

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Wow thanks. I didn’t realize events were optional.


It’s Scopely. Don’t try to understand it. If you just assume it will cost you money then you will never be disappointed.

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Short events are fine but they really should be a flat 24hrs and rotate start times to balance out world locations.

I prefer short events over long 48hr events cause it gets more players that otherwise wouldn’t attempt competing.

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Another raid event I won’t try much for outside of the 800 for eggs. Until they lower the milestones this will be my usual score from here out.

Well, its the same amount of time for everyone so everyone has equal chances to compete. So no reason to whine

I don’t mind short events at all. Just would like it to be labeled as a short event and also the milestones to reflect that. Blitz wars the milestones are trimmed down why not trim them for other short events.

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VK says another short raid tournament on Thursday…

Thank you

Once again scopely are making this harder on UK/EU players - started when I was asleep, just woken to find it ends at 5pm here (on a work day so will miss out again like blitz war because I can’t get 800 before leaving for work). I feel all players deserve an equal chance to get these eggs for gear - if this is going to be an ongoing thing then I’ll have to give up the game because I fall too far behind. Would rather not, so please sort it scopely.


You need to pop to the toilet at work and knock some raids out LOL


I’ve vented before about shorter events needing lower milestones; but it’s particularly galling to have an 800 milestone for eggs with a <24 hour event

this company is really bad…
community is important for them. without game is dead.

when i saw calendar this week, i thought it was good. They have understood. But here calendar shows 2 days raids. Yes, it will be 2 tournaments.
nobody is intelligent to write it right on calendar, to make it how community want it.

community manager always absent etc…

Shane has been back a little hotness more for the last few days, but there was a noticeable drought.

Boss makes a dollar, I make a dime, that’s why I poop on company time


im good with two of these, eggs are dropping and more chances to get more bloody eggs

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I agree with you 100% even if there is another short raid tournament today they should show it as two separate events. Not the end of the world or anything but yeah still an easy thing to fix.

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