Less random more incentive

I think one of the main problems alot of players have with this game is the sheer randomness for rewards.

What id like to see is, say you have an event running where you earn tokens to do pulls. Keep the random, that’s fine, but say there’s a total of 100 pulls available, make it so every 10th pull gives you an increasingly greater reward from the wheel. Leading to the 100th rewarding you with the best prize.

It’ll take the sting out of doing as much as you can in an event to get the wurst rewards every time.

Also, why not add it to the other wheels? I’ve done countless 5* pulls to get no Ascendables. Lost count of how many decent characters I havnt got from elite tokens.

Just be like, hey this is your 10th 5* pull, we’re going to throw you something decent. Damn, this is your 100th 5* pull, this time we give you a crate so you can pick your reward.

I’m sure most will agree, the harder you work the greater the reward should be. Right?


It’s all about getting people chasing the refresh, though.

That horde stash was main reason i played it. Just bring it back. Have joshua as the toon reward and add x100 to x500 s class collectibles and stashes of x10 basils x15 and x20 basils and x10 benedicts. Shit was lit. This trash 3.0% chance at 5* wheel is horrible.

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