Less points from arena even when u win with all alive(turn 3)

So it shows 22k points for 5* (when all toons are alive ) … and instead of getting minimum 22k points, I get only 18k … and I finished turn 3 . Don’t give me turn 3 win bonus if u don’t want to ,but atleast give me correct points for winning with all toons alive as shown in info @GR.Scopely can u have this bug checked … it happened after I updated

I got something similar.

I’m not getting the math.

Maybe it’s showing the maximum if you win in 1 turn?

Working as intended :smile:
Keep surviving :ok_hand:

Same here. @TayTron @Shawn.Scopely I am getting less points on some screens when I turn two… this week has been a shit show and a half.

It made me get less points and now I missed my chance to get rank1 … bcoz ofc I can get rank 1 if they didn’t screw this … I didn’t see it first time , noticed on 2nd ticket and rechecked it wity my 3rd ticket lol

Happens to me too. Is this happening to ALL players? If so then it’s sort of fair. If not then it’s the nth time we got a glitch this week alone. Maybe it has something to do with the ambitious 5* weapon update

Yeah but they’ll compemsate some arena tickets which makes up for it right?

yeah same here and that sucks ! please fix this @JB.Scopely

I 2 turn everyone 3 at most. And i still cant get top ranking. I dont understand how some have super high scores. And yes i do hit the highest 5 from lowest to higher to maximize points multiplier

They changed it so that it shows the maximum points you can get if you T1 win , now the more turns you take you will get less points than the number shown

It’s still the same points as before only now it shows the maximum you can get so it auto calculate that before you fight rather than doing it after the fight is done like before

Lmao…new update new bugs…funny it was in beta for what like a day?? Get with the program scopely and test this shit

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