Less points count in the Arenas


Player Name: DEAN
Region: CULLMAN (EN)
Device: iPhone X
OS Version: iOS 13,2

When im entering arenas for battles and points, i get less point than its displayed.

Example, I was battling DORIAN GREY, it says that when achiving 5* win ill get 16,254 points instead i get 14,996.

Whats wrong ?


Score is also determined by the number of turns. To get the maximum points (which is displayed with the stars in your first screenshot), you need to win on the first turn. The description states that the score is influenced by the number of turns.

See here:

There is also a separate bug, such that the score displayed in the breakdown of points after the battle is wrong (it uses a multiplier that is too high by 0.2, the points you receive are correct). So far, despite screenshot proof, Scopely and @GR.Scopely have refused to confirm this issue.

See here:


What @DrJank said

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You’re in wave three and you know they don’t care about wave three. Pour one out for ma wave 3 homies

Arenas scoring is the same for all three waves, not sure why you think it has anything to do with which wave he’s in.

Just being a smart arse. My apologies

Yeah but you’re not funny

I didn’t say I was funny. I’m in wave 3 as well

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