Less LVLUPS More Variety Please


I dont know who all was coming and begging for more lvl up events before they decided to do the nonstop lvlups. But can we please get more of a variety in events? Can easily do the normal solo lvl up Mon-Tues. Then throw in a Blitz War then another lvl up then weekend events. Solo lvl up Mon-Tues then a SR event another lvl up. Then weekend events…etc. Etc. I know that they makin money doing the way they are. But the players may just enjoy it more if there was more variety in the events.

Unlike most people that come on here and complain. Im trying to complain and suggest a solution. Im sure some may agree and others will disagree. But just my input on things.


Level ups are just background events dont level if you dont want to and level if you do i dont see an issue here.


Tho I hate the constant level ups, I hated it more when there was days of no event.


A day off once a week would be nice. I’ll even take onslaught over basically 12 days spans of level up unless there is no war than its even crazier streak


everyone wanted level ups when you had to keep toons trapped in scavenger camps for weeks and everyone was complaining they accidentally collected the missions early. Im always leveling up toons so idk i dont see the problem for free stuff for doing things we are going to do anyways


Sure but we would need more access to gear if they want to keep this up.


CR:LU please the the event schedule?


Level ups? Raid tournaments? War? I don’t even do those boring things anymore


Honestly, I rather have level tourneys. SR takes too much attention, raid tourneys are boring and long, and Onslaught just sucks.

At least with level tourneys you can bang out a couple million in an hour or 2 and you’re good for the rest of the tourney.


And can we have a bit more variety in start dates as well? It’s a bit like someone with a serious case of idk ocd has got their hands on the calendar and won’t deviate from the previous week’s schedule in case it triggers the end of the world.

I can set my watch by this routine. And it sucks.


How about a level up followed by continual level ups
And your welcome
Keep surviving


That’s what all those sweet deals are for. They got our gear needs covered. :smirk:

Just wait because if the rewards continue like this weeks level up, raid, and SR we will also all be out of Benedicts, Liliths, and Ulysses soon too. The sr has none of them in any of the milestones.

For the OP : Running a level up 24/7 is fine. Just skip it if you don’t feel like leveling. It’s not necessary to try and hit every single milestone for every single event. Take a break.


Would it be possible for you draft a letter to the 53 people in my region who finish SR with scores above 430k?


Well, they are the committed ones. Or are they the ones who should be committed. :wink:


This is exactly what my post was about. Not about not wanting to do the lvling. Obviously if i dont wanna do tbe event i dont have to. Thr point of this post is asking for more of a mix up of events rather then the same thing over and over. Thank you Jojo29 for being the only one to be on the same page with me.


I have common sense, want to play a decent game and do not view my mission in life to be a deliberate troll. You’re welcome.


Welcome new guy, you get used to the back to back level ups after three years or so.

I’ll let you in on a little secret… They’re all optional.


i like the level ups more gear and mods.


First im not new. Secondly its no secret.


C. You don’t get sarcasm.

It’s been like this for nearly three years, you can’t be that much of an old hand. And if you know they’re optional, what’s the complaint? You choose to feel obliged to take part?