Less effort put into cards


Why are most cards created using tier 1 clothing, most toons in ascendable have t shirts on lmao. Could’ve added the Negan jacket to rick or something. Make them look interesting lol


Yeah i’ve noticed this, really lazy effort on the cards and some of the avatars (Hunter i’m looking at you).


It’s obvious the talet is gone over there. The artwork was always one of the strongest aspects to the game now it’s just plain generic. Very disappointing.


It’s weird, they either overdesign toons (Mirabelle, or Tyreese) or underdesign them (Lee).
there is evidently no middle ground


Idk why that Clementine still don’t have that Telltale Background and the Logo on her card. You only have one job Scopley and you failed miserably!!! Lol


I was going to bring that up other day


Barker was great though


I’m not sure, they changed the art work team or not but you can see all the different between then and now, back to the day there was an issue about Tyrese with Duo axes or something… for me the one of the reason I still playing in this game is the artwork…
Maybe they want to release a new toon every week so it put a lot of effort to build a new character. you can see toon with no money involved like LEE… they will not do it that much cause it won’t make them benefit… :money_mouth_face: :roll_eyes:


TBH the artwork doent even matter, who cares what the toons look like


I care, a lot lol


Defenitly. Alot 4* Look better than some 6*. Good Examples are Valerie, Benji, Green Carson, Yellow Gregory, My All-time Favorite Allen or even the STILL Unreleased Jeremy. Compared to Lee, Javier or Connie.


You don’t care about anything


Funny timing for this thread—I never really cared about the outfits and accessories in the portraits until now. Legend 15th anniversary Rick definitely needs the scarf and leather jacket in his.


Oh no its him again


Everyone should care because if the game is declining in quality it’s like what’s the point


They copied the OG from the Comic books what did you expect nothing special and fake characters and stuff not even in the Comics.I don’t Believe it’s the same artists.


It’s been reallocated towards new 3 & 4 stars… Maybe you haven’t seen the new 5* vulture-Dale?



You could say he’s neutral and feels nothing


We’ll have you seen ricks rush name and green javi’s rush there both batter up just rick’s gets an exclamation mark at the end.


That ! At the end of Ricks Rush is the whale call they paid a lot of money for that dude