Lemme tell yall how to beat Payback

At first you need following skills in your team:

Bleed (at least 1500 possible Damage per Round)
Burn (as high as you want it to be)
Heal reduction (100%)
Stun on attack

The thing is

When you facing a Payback Team, make sure you’ve always with a Disarm.
My for me working priority list who to attack first:

  1. Command (if stunned and its possible to attack the payback Toon without risk attack the payback Toon but if there’s a human shield try to Stun the hs before trying to Stun the payback Toon.
  2. Human Shield
  3. Guardian 2
  4. Hold the line

Make sure the payback Toon is always stunned or confused
Make sure human shield is always confused or stunned. If you are able to confuse the whole team so do it, maybe the damage they do against their own payback member strikes back.
Make sure the payback Toon is bleeding and additionally burning (and on top of that the heal reduction.)
You can also Maim the Crap out of it.

That’s how easy it is.

Please help my grammar isn’t that good so I would really appreciate it if someone could help me out


Flee is the only option.


Most of the time definitely

It’s good to have burn and bleed mods as well.

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Michelle - Lydia / yellow with hp boot - zach - doc - doc

I can take out 2 payback on auto with it :slight_smile:

I just used Shiva to jack up the bleed - I defeated a team with Pamela, Zachary, Red Negan, Green Wayland and Christa this way. Ofc I had to use Charlie.

Uninstall the game is easier…but boring

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most times the hp & Def is low on a payback toon (ie Negan) half the time just basic hit them to death, my blue team wipes him out most 1st waves (most)

No, only rushes trigger Payback. Ofc there is a chance they might be stunned by Megan’s modified Uzi.

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