Lemme see those Lydia and Morgan pulls!


I’ll start!

That’s my ten pull for Lydia!


my first and only pull.


I did a single pull. I think you can guess how that went.


did a 10 pull got 2 dupes:


Had the coins, so did another 10 pull, got another dupe

Still had 6k coins, so another 10 pull

Not Lydia but not bad… Still had coins for 1 more 10 pull and…

3 hours later and having finally used 200+ basils, bradys and some of the 60+ Benedicts I had, both are now 6* T4 lvl 42 with Maxed AR and maxed Active.

Guess I’ve used up all my luck for 2018


Very good to see very nice pulls mate! I’d love to get Lydia! She’s the perfect lead for what I wanna run!!


Just need lydia still leveling hunter ty and Sophia tho struggling with gear


Nice team!
Mine’s going to be Lydia, Ty, Magna, Hunter and Yvette (to be replaced by Jesus if I ever pull him)


Very nice Samuel I’d love to have madison she’d be awesome for my ranged team as a lead


@Undrtaker would be an awesome set up!! I tried pulling for Erika the other day and went horrifically wrong haha! So I’m hoping when coins come up again the 2990 will bring me up to enough for another 2 tens so we shall see


Trash. All 4*. A 10 pull and 2 singles


10 pull for Lydia the rest were 4*


Pulled 1 time for Lydia, got 4 Star Kelly. Not worth a screenshot.


Jheeze sinner awesome luck! And unlucky reaper


52 pulls, two useless 5 stars


5* yellow morgan :smiley: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile::disappointed_relieved: :sob:


Sinner. That’s some serious luck for 4 in a row.


I’m still happy even it’s dupe


10 pull


ooooh that estella though