Lemme see those Carl pulls


RDR2? Is that the horse care simulator everyone keeps talking about? :rofl:


Lol I read that as R2D2 instead and thought this guy was talking about that Star Wars game


Rdr2 is a great game worth every penny this app game is completely trash and will in no way ever meet up to a game like that’s standards


Heres the thing: paying more is OPTIONAL. You dont have to pay beyond the hard cart price tag for FANTASTIC and PLENTIFUL content. I haven’t payed a dime past the pre-owned price, and still enjoy GTA5. Tomatoes ribeyes, friend.


You can skin cougars, too. :rofl:


I can get that. But paying makes the game far easier. F2Ps have to work exceptionally hard to even get the 5* ascendables. Let alone the good 6s. The only ones I have gotten were good 6s from single pulls with coins from leagues. Leagues I had to put tens of raid cans into.


Oh well. I have zero interest in rockstar games. Especially after the GTA 5 bullshit.


After getting enough coins from the league to do a ten pull… :slight_smile:




Got him on my third ten pull. A rarity for me to get anything that quick.


Didn’t get him but happy with my 10 pull from saved league coins.



Great toon (in 5* era).


Im not a scopely employee :man_facepalming:


He’s a flat-earther, don’t bother with him.


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