Lemme see those Carl pulls


I’ve always wanted Carl when he was released anyway I had a spare 2500 coins so weren’t sure about doing a ten pull as luck is normally terrible and bam here you go


Wow dude


Congrats! I can see the under-privileged on their way now.


Best 10 pull ever


Nice! You got a Harlan!!



Lydia is better.


From a friend in my faction, best 40 I’ve ever seen lol.
6* carl, 6* hunter, 6* Bruce, 5* hunter, 5* hunter


can you punch your friend in the face for us


Медисон и Харлан как бы говорят, чувак, сейчас бдительных больше так что твой Карл сейчас вообще в тему!)
Madison and Harlan seem to say, dude, now vigilant more so that your Karl is now generally in the subject!)


I’ve spent so much within the game recently and not had much luck tbh so was very unsure of the pull but Ngl best 10 pull I’ve seen!! And @Gannicus. Headbutt your friend on behalf of me and the rest of the forum members take one for the team bro


this post and that comment with the friend pull that everyone wants to kill right now proves how unbalaced this game is, which makes it less fun everyday


The pull does highlight absolutely everything wrong with this game. Meanwhile all those promo toons cost me thousands and he got them for 100 bucks. Sweet.

Sorry it’s a sour morning for me. I look at blue carl promo and just know 40 worthless toons are waiting for me to spend my bucks on


I got Lydia off a single pull few days ago. Surely you can get lucky too.


Yeah. I assume Scopely has an algorithm to track how many (big) pulls you are willing to do in order to get the premier toon you want. F2p that turns into p2p often has insane luck for his first big pulls.


Pics or it didn’t happen.


Git rekt lion


Not carl but not bad for a 10 pull (that’s taunt gov). Also got Harlan again but he is one of the worst 6*, he wasnt worth a ss


Got him on a ten… didn’t SS… happy :slight_smile: