Legitimate T4 6*


What’s the most anybody has through legitimate means? I know the gear was out there for a bit but hard to get. Anybody have more than 2?


Oh yeah got a few players in my region with full teams of tier 4 6*s and they all say they are legit.


Legit bought from VK.

I want a statement from Scopely if it is legit or not.


I stepped into first t4 earlier today and wondered how that was possible. My guess is on $$$.


Even if u ran the screwdriver event on macro for the entire duration and bought all the offers for T4 gear its highly highly unlikely to have a full team of T4 6*s.

IF your luck is insane, you needed to do 4 perfect openings per toon. And if you look into it its so unlikely that any full team of T4 6*s is legit.



I know some legit players with 1 but haven’t seen anyone with more than that.

But yes, anyone with more than 2 is 99.9999% a cheat.


Guy in my faction has 2, he worked his ass off for screw drivers and got lucky on the pulls. He got shiva and began to tier 4


Mouserecording programm = worked his ass off?


Nah, strong no life for him lol