Legendary wheel : is Erika unreachable?


100 pulls, no Erika. Is she really in this wheel ? :thinking:

Post Results for Surprise Box with “?” Chances of Erika, etc

she’s probably there for show and to make u wanna spend money and pull


How in the world did they get 100 pulls?


Ofc she isnt pullable its scopely


That’s exactly why Scopely is the worst.

They scaled the cost if someone wanted to complete the collection they deceived them to try to get them too deep to stop.

Then on top of it, they didn’t even keep flat odds for the available 6s.

Glad someone hacked in order to show this deception. This is the reason why Apple is taking a stance.

*truth shall not be hidden! *


Hack obviously, but I thank this guy to have pointed the problem out


It’s not a hack. I posted it in the Video description. That faction mate of mine saved up dozens of old token crates (telltale Token ecetera) wich he could use on that wheel. Scopely seems to use one template for their tokens so He could basically use token from a different event way back in the past on this event.

He was rightfully pissed afterwards, because on each Erika promo he got ripped of and didn’t even get the promo. He really hoped he would at least get one out of that wheel since he was lucky because of his chest hording.

This event is once again a huge slap in the face…


But they convert to supply tokens after their respective events end


Not if they are kept in the reward chests. I have seen the screenshots, he did not cheat. :wink:


I believe you, because I myself was the lucky owner of boxes with a token


The reason why I posted this video in the first place: Don’t even think about spending money on this event. : D


Could have been worse, still rage at the michonne head debacle


This is weird but people who didn’t get the Michonne’s head during the Negan event pulled LE Negan during the 6* Meta. Scopely heard us !


People actually got the Michonne head, I did ;p


So this upcomjng token event… save the purple tokens till next year if the wheel sucks

If theyre in crates


They would likely get traded in for Supply points at the end of the event. I doubt you could save them.


You could actually farm the michonne head. That’s how I got her. Toon alot of work but was possible and sure many were unlucky but I went at it relentlessly


I remember my account was not so great when this event came out and I didn’t managed to get Negan.
Hopefully I pulled him months ago and I can play with him when it’s possible lol


Fair enough, I didn’t consider that


In crates they don’t convert to supply points.