Legendary Training?

I just researched this, and is it worth to do? What are your experiences with this?

I only train the first 4 in the training camps, only so I can hit 3mil every LU

I know some have gotten lucky in the past, but for myself, and most others, the chances are so small of getting anything good that it’s not worth using up a TG on it.

I let mine run non stop for nearly a year once, and have never got a 5* out of it.

I run this training constantly for over a year now, never got any epics, a few 4* dropped and gazillion of 3*.

I have never got any epic toons from training. It is usually 3*, and sometimes 4*. People used to store survivors and food with it but with the latest updates, it is no longer necessary. I have a friend who got a 5* red governor from training but that’s it.

I trined more then 1k now

Not a single 5*

I only run it because i need Angela for museum collection. So it’s basically just a survivor stash for me.
Chances are extremely small so its basically up to oneself to seem the potential value.

Damn! So small chances ? Maybe Scopely should look into it ?

It’s worth it to research that. You use it to pile in any extra survivors so they don’t go to waste. Whenever you get to max survivors and have nothing to put them in, you put them into legendary amd just stock pile days. Whenever you need survivors you can them pull them out. I have mine at 500+ days currently amd take survivors out when I need them for normal training grounds.


Cela fait 3 ans que j’ai un camp d’entraînement niveau 20 qui tourne et je n’ai jamais obtenu un 5 étoiles

Exactly. I use it as a food/survivor bank. I have over 2000 days on my timer in legendary. I have pulled 2 5* in about 2 years but I don’t do it for the 5*s. I’ve never seen the point in stacking the first 4, especially now that my roster is at 3500. But I also don’t see the point in putting up 3 million in level up each time either. I hit 1.4 for the balloons and that’s it. I don’t waste the resources just to place higher and get shit rewards like more plushies


Defenitly now. My Best since the Update:

Screenshot_20190823-001552 Screenshot_20190821-000058 Screenshot_20190820-185550

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I have had 2 Legendary TGs running for over 2 years, constantly. I have pulled a total of 4 5*. 1 Blue Tyreese, 1 Green Glenn, and 2 Blue Eric. One of those Erics was since the update happened. I have been getting quite a few more 4* since the update, which is nice. However, in 2 years, I would bet that 98% of the trainings have resulted in 3* garbage…

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